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Re: this is long, and you won't want to read it

Posted by qbsbrown on April 5, 2010, at 13:46:28

In reply to Re: this is long, and you won't want to read it, posted by ed_uk2010 on April 5, 2010, at 13:23:34

> I did read it. It wasn't so long :)
> The thing is, Brian, you've been on so many meds at different times and in different combinations, it's difficult to know what the individual meds were actually doing.
> What would you be like if all your meds were gradually withdrawn? I'm not sure. It could be important to find out?
> I think the best psychiatrist for you would be one who has a realistic view of medication ie. someone who understands that meds can help, but that they can also harm. Some psychiatrists seem to have an unrealistically rosy impression of medication, and don't spot the side effects.
> I don't think that benzos are your only problem. There's also the MS, and the possibility that you have inherited a susceptibility to psych problems from your parents. Your home environment sounds unhealthy and I think you need to get out of there. The traumas that you have been through must play on your mind, and that is not going to be easy to deal with.
> If you'd never taken meds in the first place, I do think that things would be different, but I don't think you would be free of psych problems. Some of us are susceptible to these things. It's not too late to see a psychologist by the way, do you think it would help you?
> And stop apologising for writing. There's no need to!

I wish i had healthcare/insurance to see a psychologist. I think CBT could help greatly. I don't think me on a couch, going in for hundreds of sessions, going over my experiences, and perhaps how my parents were growing up would do me help, perhaps just keep it at the front of my mind

I tried to see one in China, but it didn't help, you know why, psychiatric drugs, Celexa, I couldn't F-ING see her, I'm like, I'm derealized out of my mind.

Yes, i need out of home.

did you see my writings from 5 years ago, when i was begging to get off benzos, which were the only drug i was on, and i knew were causing the probs, and PDOCS would say, no it's not (pdocs are ignorant of benzo tolerance, interdose, and wd in general), try this drug, and i'd have horrible reactions to them,,,,..ALL. I was/am far to chemically sensitive in my mind to take psychiatric drugs (maybe not lyrica lol, it doesn't seem to mind that).

But lyrica and a stimulant didn't seem that bad of a combo, LOL.

Yes, there are some docs near by, that i think may be far more appropriate, such as the karma integrative psychiatrist, who also teaches at the zen buddhist teaching center that i greatly enjoy. They are much more meticulous, careful, and hesitant with meds, and perhaps much more intuitive, if you believe in anything like that.
Seeing a doc with a view that meds can cause great harm would be wonderful. Maybe even ones that think that they can ruin lives LOL. Peter Breggins writing doesn't seem that far fetched to me anymore, and tom cruise doesn't seem as crazy, after my experiences. As Bregging writes, the brains reacts to the drugs as if it is a brutal/chemical assult to it, and that seems how mine reacts.
Mind you, meds work wonders, and save lives for millions, i'll give you that, so i'm not avidly against it. Maybe that's why ECT helped me more than meds did, as in theory, helps the brain "reset" itself.

PS- My Zen teacher lives in London now Ed, perhaps I should visit the both of you:)





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