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Prozac and dysphoria and - or norepinephrine

Posted by Garnet71 on August 21, 2009, at 14:56:32

I don't know if I spelled those terms correctly. I tried 10 mg of Prozac for 10 days. I was going to take 5 mg, but was too lazy/unmotivated and not hopeful enough to bother emptying the capsule in liquid (smallest dose is 10 mg). I was going to try this small dose because meds that are designed to affect seratonin completely take away my motivation, and I heard the possibility of small dose of Prozac could be different...and thought it was worth a try.

Anyway, I felt dysphoric. Not sure if this is the correct term for feeling an aggravating energy - but at the same time, unable to do anything about it. Like stuck.

So my question is - can feelings of dysphoria originate from norepinephrine activation? If anyone had dysphoria from a similar mechanism, has it gone away if you stayed with the med? I couldn't take it anymore-I already quit the Prozac. And I had that brain fuzz. Should I risk suffering more and try a 5 mg. dose if 10 mg. affected me that much?

I'm not in the position where I can be non functional - not that anyone ever is, but I had been non-functional for too long that everything has piled up and my life will fall apart if I am nonfunctional. (ability to keep my home, support my son/buy food, etc.)

I take buspirone (30 mg a day), dextroamphetamine (20 mg. a day), and xanax (.25 mg. as needed-usually .5 a day now). I thought I'd try to get away from the dextro-it loses its effectiveness after a while, I can't take it daily or it won't work, skipping a day or two I get nothing accomplished during that time.

I've developed new symptoms of depression after starting psychotherapy. I also have seen several new PDocs in a short time, and I think some may suspect I am doctor shopping regarding the dextro. I had been prescribed dextro by 2 diff. PDocs, not at the same time, but in trying to find another PDoc/therapist-I've gone through several to find the right one and mentioned the meds I take. I found a new one but we did not discuss meds yet. That will be in a week.

My imbalance seems dopamine related which is why I take buspirone and dextro. Could it have been too much affect on dopamine? Not that anyone would know for sure, or that Prozac would affect dopamine that quickly, but if anyone has thoughts, I'd appreciate hearing them. Any of your opionions would be helpful. They always are. Thanks.




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