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Re: how long do you sleep on agomelatine? Hundredwaters

Posted by JoJo416 on August 12, 2009, at 13:10:41

In reply to Re: how long do you sleep on agomelatine?, posted by Hundredwaters on August 11, 2009, at 14:07:26

> This medication is given me wicked restless legs syndrome at night, even at 25mg. I feel WAY better though. My depression overall seems to be related to NE as I feel quickly better even on low dose nortryptiline (I have pain issues). However, I seem to get mild sexual side effects from NE drugs - more an autonomic thing I guess. Not sure what to do - pehaps I will cut it to 12.5mg and add a little bit of wellbutrin in the AM and hope my tinnitus doesnt get overly aggravated. It's too bad this thing screws up my sleep - I am definitely up sevearl hours after taking it.... And I wouldnt say the antidepressant effect is mild, but some of that might be sleep deprevation.
> So is the general consensus to avoid serotonergic medications as they can have lasting post-treatment effects (poor sexual functioing, etc) whereas the others just have annoying tolerability issues. Or do the other classes have some concerning post-treatment effects as well?
I wanted to reply to this post. people with RLS should really stay away from the tricyclic ant-d's and the SSRI's . There is a lot of documentation out there that thes meds especially the tricyclics is pretty universal in exacerbating RLS. there are other things you can take to help you sleep, without making your RLS nutty. I have RLS 24/7, but can control it with opiates pretty well, as none of the othe rmeds out that they use for RLS work for me. I was categorically suicidal when my doc put me on a tricyclic anti-d for migraine prevention, and that was when I found out how bad RLS can affect a person.I did not sleep for 2 weeks, and ended up in the ER. I moderate 3 online support groups with over 1500 members, and have been studying RLS for over a decade.
> has a great treatment page plus foods and drugs to avoid when you have RLS.
just FYI, and a heads up. Yes, people can react differently to different meds. But,agomelatine
may help you sleep longer if you are lucky, but no med is going to make you need less sleep. You may feel better, but whether you are getting natural sleep, or medicated sleep, you still need the same amount to function. These meds do not make you sleep faster and more 'efficiently", so you can sleep less. That is not what they are designed to do. The brain and body still need the right amount of sleep to heal and rest properly.




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