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Re: parnate trial

Posted by eric wagner on August 26, 2008, at 14:47:42

In reply to parnate trial, posted by noellejc on August 26, 2008, at 8:03:30

> Parnate trial Day 5- I'm not sleeping very well. I take 100mg of trazodone at night. I have been falling asleep, but will wake up after 4 or 5 hrs. Before I started the parnate I was taking 150mg of trazodone. My doctor asked me to quit taking trazodone all together before getting on the parnate and once I was on it I could go back on, but to try not to take over 100mg a night until I see him again. I want to try taking 150 mg again, but feel like I need to call to ask him. I hate calling him though because I always feel like I'm bugging him. Anyway, hopefully this irons itself out soon. If I can't sleep on this med it's not going to work for me. I read that MAOI's supress REM sleep. Don't you need REM sleep?

I completely understand your situation.

I started Parnate about 9 weeks ago & have/had the insomnia amongst more.

I would highly suggest following your Dr.'s instructions - especially on this medication.

It's not like a lot of the other classes of medications, where there are a lot less side effects, medication/food/supplement interactions, and/or dangerousness (ability for a medication to negatively react in a person due to ingesting over-the-counter drugs, food, dietary supplements, and/or prescription medication) - in general.

Although, some people react differently to the majority of people tested/users.

(I'm not a medical professional, but I am on the same medication & do tons of research on medical journals, Pharmaceutical Reports, FDA info., people's personal experiences, general information, etc.).

I have never used Trazadone although I have had similarly reacting medications.

I know for me, when I hit 60 mgs./day, as soon as I got up I felt like I was going to pass out - amongst other (I would say serious side effects - & most side effects have never bothered me at all - even if I did have some) symptoms.

(See my Parnate post at top of list)

I have a high tolerance for drugs/medications/supplements, so I could surmise someone at a significantly lower dose could experience the same side effects, if not more & to a higher degree.

If I were to have taken any other medication/supplement during the 3 weeks when my side effects were bad, I could see how a problem (scary situation) could come about.

I couldn't do anything those 3 weeks, & I'm an otherwise healthy/in shape 33 year old plumber.

Trazadone, when taken at a higher dose may cause Tyramine (Cheese) reaction, hypo/hypertension &/or Serotonin Syndrome - the 3 main possible serious conditions on a MAOI - very serious.

I would say bother your Dr. to let him know your concerns. He may see fit to adjust your medication/s in accordance of your insomnia issue.

You have to remember, you are the one trying to get better, & noone cares about you more than you. If I had a serious concern w/ my medication, I'd call, email, fax & even go to the office to tell him.

I would only do this if I thought there is a problem I was scared about or so upset I didn't know what to do.

As far as I've have seen, a good deal of people have side effects to this medication in the beginning especially, & a lot say that they do disappear/lessen.

The seriousness of my side effects have since lessened, although I'm still uncomfortable.

I have seen no positive change yet, & am trying another 3 weeks to get a full 12 month trial.

& My Dr. I can never get ahold of him & I have to call more than once to get an answer - if you call it an answer - when all he does is reply & answer some other question barely related to mine.

Good Luck & keep posting.

As far as I've seen, there are some highly educated/informed posters here, so hopefully they'll give you some insight.

Take Care & Be Well,
Eric M. Wagner




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