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Re: Lithium: to barbara and carebear ed_uk

Posted by barbaracat on March 22, 2005, at 18:17:16

In reply to Re: Lithium: to barbara and carebear barbaracat, posted by ed_uk on March 22, 2005, at 15:57:53

> His pdoc appeared to be following the guidelines for the treatment of mania!

**Ummm, unipolar/bipolar, depression/mania - pretty clear difference to me...
> >Why can't pdocs have patience and monitor the response at a less than 'therapeutic range'?
> I don't know, they seem to work by a 'one size fits all' strategy eg. everyone should be on 20mg Prozac etc.
**Less work for them, I guess. I find the same cookie cutter approach to conventional women's hormone therapy. I came down with a precancerous uterine condition because in my case, the cookie was too heavy with the estrogen ingredients.
> Do you think your 'requirements' have decreased with time as you've been on the Li??
**Good question. I don't know if the length of time (2 years) is a factor, but I am taking other things that are purported to be mood stabilizers, i.e., the amino acid L-taurine and 12 grams fish oil, so these could be potentiating things. I also take myo-inositol ocassionally which some say helps bipolars, others say is not good. I'm not sure it's doing anything one way or the other.

It's possible I'm not even true bipolar, that something else is going on and lithium is calming an inflamed brain and I don't need as much as a 'true bipolar' would. But whoo boy, some of those manias were corkers and seem like classic BP-1 to me. More fun by far than the mixed states hells. Sigh. If only I had half the money now that I spent on those grand schemes and expensive projects...

Lithium is such an amazing substance. At the correct dose it's being prommoted as an alzheimer's treatment! It apparently inhibits the enzyme that contributes to amyloid plaque, it also increased brain derived neurotropic factor which increases dendrite growth. I haven't found anything definitive that states what dosages are recommended for neuroprotection as opposed to mania, but much less, I'm sure. Why can't we treat the mania, but reduce to neuroprotective maintenance levels afterwards?

I'm almost considering dropping my dose down no lower than 300mg 'just to see'. There are reports all over the web of bipolars benefitting from this small maintenance dose, but definitely not stopping altogether and raising it as needed. I like the idea of this. Something to carefully consider, given my hell with mixed states, but something to consider if it will work as well but without those toxicity issues. - Barbara




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