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Re: Does Alcohol give you PANIC/ANXIETY ATTACKS??!?!?

Posted by Marlin on November 12, 2003, at 20:57:19

In reply to Re: Does Alcohol give you PANIC/ANXIETY ATTACKS??!?!?, posted by panic_attack on November 12, 2003, at 10:22:01

Hey Everyone, I just discovered this website last night and couldn't believe what I was reading. I couldn't believe there were so many other people out there that had the same problems as me and understood exactly how I felt, because out of everyone I know, nobody seems to get it. I stumbled upon this through a web search "panic after eating".

It seems I may have finally figured out part of my problem. Reading 'Awake at last' posts made me think I might have hypoglycemia.
I have so much to say it's hard to start - I guess I'll try to be brief, but it'll be hard with 8 years worth of mental problems.
My problems started after I graduated college and had major panic attacks. Of course at the time I had no idea what the hell was going on - I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Got a psychiatric evaluation - put me on Klonopin. That helped, but since I drank so much it was life threatening. Quit cold turkey - freaked out and had a relapse. Started Paxil (30mg) and eventually leveled out. Saw a psychologist for a while and ended up becoming more anxious afterwards than I was to begin with, so I quit. Drank very heavily - you all know the stories - black outs / 24hr. binges / don't remember parking car / DUI in '96 - totalled my car. Gained a ton of weight on Paxil, started to ween myself off of it 3 times and had relapses every single time. Saw a Psychiatrist for 18 months - he was an asswipe and ended up really hurting me. Then I saw a psychotherapist who was awesome - saw her for two years. By this time I was 27, I had quit using cocaine, ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, and crack. Yep, I even smoked crack for Christ's sake. Gained major ground with her - referred me to a neurologist - diagnosed me right away - textbook case of ADD. Got on Ritalin. I found a whole new world - I could actually concentrate and focus like I never have before. Still on Paxil (10mg.) I eventually developed a 'tick', which plaqued me for a whole year ... all most likely stemming from the Ritalin and took Tenex to counteract this. Switched to Adderall - but got me too loopy. Switched to Concerta, lost the tick - thank God. Considerably cut down on my drinking for the first time in 12 years. Admittedly I get drunk, but once every two weeks vs. minimum twice a week - fall down drunk. 4th time was the charm, finally weened myself off of Paxil - I think I've kicked it for good. Haven't taken any since August '03. Still take Concerta and that's all. Considering trying non-stimulant based Straterra, but am very hesitant.
I told you I had a lot to say! I really hope people aren't bored by this, it's just hard to sum up 8 years of mental anguish. Right now I think I have a pretty good handle on things. But lately I've felt like I've somewhat regressed in terms of the panic/general anxiety. It seems like I get panicky after I eat... but the symptoms are inconsistent. But after reading the posts above, maybe I'm onto something. At this point I am so used to panic attacks, they barely phase me anymore. But the panic that drags on for hours and hours and even days is what makes me want to drive full speed off a bridge. I went through some very good periods of up to 6 months where I felt great, but I was on Paxil, plus all the 'self medicating'. Now I have eliminated many things that I know contribute to panic, and still have long, dragged out panic attacks. I've really come a looooong way and this pisses me off to no end. I'm so sick of this. Maybe there's some truth about what I'm eating and my blood sugar. Check out this lady's story, I couldn't believe how long she suffered..... very interesting:

The thought of changing my diet completely PLUS quitting drinking forever is absolutely terrorizing for me. I don't know if I can handle that. I can definitely empathize with 'panic_attack' - it's so 10 times as hard to contemplate when all your friends are total booze hounds and seem to be fine. It's almost like I'd have to find all new friends... and at 30 it's no easier than if you're 23. I wonder if hypoglycemia is indeed part of my problem that I can diet such that drinking responsibly won't continue to be a negative factor.
I'll end this before it turns into a novel. Just wanted to share my whole picture. How can I finally put this panic to bed for good?




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