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Re: Does Alcohol give you PANIC/ANXIETY ATTACKS?? rod

Posted by awake at last on October 7, 2002, at 15:00:29

In reply to Re: Does Alcohol give you PANIC/ANXIETY ATTACKS?? awake at last, posted by rod on October 7, 2002, at 11:25:41

No, I have not taken MAOI's, mostly anti-depressants such as Wellbutrin, Celexa and Effexor. But my major complaint was exhaustion, lack of motivation & inability to concentrate - not anxiety, although I had my moments. I was fortunate to finally be referred to an excellent Internist who wanted to exhaust his knowledge before sending me on to a pdoc - or I probably would have gone through many more meds for the wrong reasons.
Fortunately I don't have a history of Drug or Alcohol abuse - or any tragic event to cause depression, so my Internist truly felt my problems were medically derived. It still took us a year to figure it out (note I'd already spent 3 years with other doctors who ran a lot of test and told me I was fine, just getting old, or must have a deeper issue to resolve... whatever!....).
I suffer from Hypoglycemia, Narcolepsy, and Fibromyalgia (Narcolepsy was brought on by the Fibromyalgia). Basically - my immune system went haywire and turn on me - attacking good cells as well as bad. I take Provigil to help correct the Narcolepsy (not curable since our bodies won't replace the lost cells that caused this condition). To control the Hypoglycemia - I maintain the right diet - I feel much better! I've decided to start taking guaifenesin to try to reverse my fibromyalgia - I'm hoping it works.

Pdoc's definitely have a place and a need in our society, but sometimes, especially in people who have a history of drug, alcohol abuse, etc, I think it is easy for them to overlook that their problems may be derived from a natural medical issue rather than one induced by outside factors.
My brother is hypoglycemic and an Alcoholic - I know that his panic attacks are driven from drinking. During his dry spells, when he watches what he eats - he suffers no depression or attacks. Unfortunatley he is a musician and for him playing in bars makes it too easy to take that first drink - and quickly that hypoglycemia cycle kicks in and the cravings come back. For him...a cure will mean a career change...and that is hard decision to make. Most of the people I see here - I believe are ready to do whatever it requires to get better.
I hope for you this might be an answer - if not, keep researching - in my adventures, the thing I found most is that knowledge truly is power. If I had left it up to the doctors to figure out what was wrong, I would still not feel well today - my research led me to question my doctors, to tell them things I wouldn't normally tell them (For example - why would I tell my Internist that I have brittle fingernails or TMJ - that's a dental thing right? - Wrong - it was another factor to diagnosing my Fibromyalgia). Had I not stumbled across the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and questioned my doctor on it - he never would have considered it.

Good Luck!

> > My 4 years of torture - going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was really wrong with me and determining how to fix it rather than downing pills that didn't help
> Im just curious, did you ever try a MAOI (especially Moclobemide)??
> Besides that, your info about hypoglycemia is very usefull. It might be the answer to my problems too ...
> rod




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