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Re: What do GP's really know?

Posted by cybercafe on October 23, 2003, at 4:48:01

In reply to Re: What do GP's really know? cybercafe, posted by cubic_me on October 19, 2003, at 8:25:41

> I'm from the UK and in my 3rd year of med school so I'm meant to know something by now but really I dont have a clue. We just had a lecture on how to make people belive you know something when you dont have a clue (ie bulls***ing).

that's so cool..... can you give me specific technical terms, so i can say to docs "hey! that's not the right way to _____... you're going about it all wrong" haha :) dude that would be so cool

> I went into med school wanting to be a forensic psychiatrist cos I find all that crimonology stuf fascinating and you can help people at the same time :-), from a med student perspective, the

sounds like something to be passionate about. that is cool. why did you change your mind?

>psychiatrists I've seen in a proffessional context seem lovely people, really normal and know what they are talking about. But those who have treated me have been useless. I've seen 2 young pdocs,

in the UK i saw one good doc in hendon (after waiting forever) several crappy docs who wanted to put me on antipsychotics for anxiety (?????) .... then i went private and saw a really good doc.... or at least... he was the only doc i had who ever returned phone calls :)

>neither seemed caring. The first one's first question (before he even introduced himself) was 'so whats this I've been hearing about you wanting to hurt yourself?' I mean how are you meant to

yes it sounds rather condescending and accusatory

>answer a question like that? At least he got a
second opinion from the consultant but he was just as bad, his english was so poor that I could hardly understand him (he was foreign - rather than just had a bad education!). The second one is abit better but I've been on the same meds for 4 months without improvement and she just says she'll wait and see-its not her having to live with this c***.

yeah its bs .... if i could do things over again i would have stood up for myself a lot more .... and probably lied to doctors and treat myself with my own med selections and dosages (as i am doing now) ... you would not believe how needlessly i was suffering while my doc refused to give me an AD ... ... though i guess it's partly my fault cuz any sane person who was depressed and refused an AD would go PSYCHO

> In contrast the GPs I've seen have been fairly young with a caring manner and were willing to listen rather than just firing a load of questions to write in their notes.

i had varying experiences depending on the area (rich/poor) ...

> If I become a psychiatrist I dont want my patients to hate me like I do mine. How am I meant to build trust with people who have had so many bad experiences? And personally I think oncology is

EASY! return phone calls..... that would automatically put you in the top 0.1% of psychiatrists right off the bat :) :)

>much more rewarding because treatment is more clear cut and the best thing you can give someone is a dignified and peaceful death - hardly what you would describe suicide as.

my doc said suicide among his patients was quite rare..... i think atypicals are really good for getting rid of suicidal ideation ?

> I'd definately not want to deal with the 40 or more patients some docs have to in a day. In the UK a GP has 7 minutes with each patient - that hardly makes you feel special!

yeah everyone knows that's ridiculous..... but what can you do? i guess it's not that easy to open up more med schools ? :(

> I know I'm meant to be good at bulls***ing but I really dont know anything about anti-emetics! I suppose it depends what sort of reflux you have. Does it occur at a certain time? How much refluxes? Do you know the cause?

if i see anything gorey i get nauseous quite easy.... (also hyper ventilate i think)....... if i stick anything in my mouth like an x ray or mouthguard i have a strong gag reflex....

(don't you guys have a more professional sounding word for bulls***?)




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