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Re: What do GP's really know? cybercafe

Posted by cubic_me on October 23, 2003, at 8:26:08

In reply to Re: What do GP's really know?, posted by cybercafe on October 23, 2003, at 4:48:01


I'm afraid I dont know a better word for bull**** but if I fid a more technical term I'll let you know :) Even if you think your pdoc is doing the wrong thing I find it really hard to go against what they are saying. After all, they are *meant* to know what they are talking about, and it is nice to assume that they have your best interests at heart.

I'd still like to do psychiatry, i just think it might be a hard path to take. Being a GP has crossed my mind, but I think there'll be too much of that 'old granny wanting to come for a chat' type thing, and any interesting problems get referred on so you never see them to conclusion.

> in the UK i saw one good doc in hendon (after waiting forever) several crappy docs who wanted to put me on antipsychotics for anxiety (?????) .... then i went private and saw a really good doc.... or at least... he was the only doc i had who ever returned phone calls :)
> EASY! return phone calls..... that would automatically put you in the top 0.1% of psychiatrists right off the bat :) :)

>I agee with the returning phone calls thing. I've never phoned a psychiatrist of mine, but i can see how difficult it must be when you really need to speak to them. I suppose some patients geti into the habbit of phoning, and the docs dont want people to get into that cycle and become dependent - i dont know, thats just a guess.

> yeah everyone knows that's ridiculous..... but what can you do? i guess it's not that easy to open up more med schools ? :(

Yeah, they have opened a few recently but there's still not enough doc's and the young one's are worked way too long hours. With a free health service there are bound to be cutbacks everywhere. I've got a friend who's made several suicide attempts recently and has had her initial pdoc appointment cancelled and rescheduled 3 times, she still hasnt seen him.

Also psychiatry isnt a field that many people want to go into, so there isnt much competition for jobs, especially in the poorer areas. This means that the 'worse' doctors with poorer interpersonal skills get jobs in psychiatry. All the high flighers want to go into surgery or paediatrics.
> if i see anything gorey i get nauseous quite easy.... (also hyper ventilate i think)....... if i stick anything in my mouth like an x ray or mouthguard i have a strong gag reflex....
Getting nauseous easily sounds more psycological than physical, tho I dont claim to be making a diagnosis! I suppose some people are more sensitive to having things in their mouths than others. Perhaps you should see a real (fully qualified!) doc!





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