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Re: What do GP's really know? cybercafe

Posted by cubic_me on October 19, 2003, at 8:25:41

In reply to Re: What do GP's really know?, posted by cybercafe on October 18, 2003, at 18:02:50

Half the stuff you reffered to in your post was mine, and half was someone else's so I'll mainly talk about what was mine cos otherwise I'll get mega confused :-) Doh! I'm confusing myself already!

I'm from the UK and in my 3rd year of med school so I'm meant to know something by now but really I dont have a clue. We just had a lecture on how to make people belive you know something when you dont have a clue (ie bulls***ing).

> > > I have abit of a confilct with this because I'm in medical school and want to become a psychiatrist.

> > But all those I've met seem to know nothing and treat their patients like they are just the next one on the convayer belt.
> after about 10 apathetic conveyer-belt drive-through psychiatrists i went down to the states to try and trick a doctor into giving me abilify (i strongly urge people NOT to self-medicate unless you spend 10+ hours a day reading psychobabble and medical textbooks... and find yourself constantly explaining things to your doctors)...... and i met my first YOUNG pdoc, and she was so enthusiastic and caring ... man i was really impressed.... no .. blown away ... (i imagine this must be what derealization feels like :) )
> YOUNG doctors are very very good in my limited sample size (2? 3?)... (even though they don't know what they're doing, muhahaha, that's cool, they will at least LISTEN and be willing to EDUCATE THEMSELVES... and check this out -- if they don't know what they're doing, they won't just say "okay come back next week" they'll say "i don't know what i'm doing, so" -"i'll refer you to someone who does" or "i'll have a talk with my colleagues")...

I went into med school wanting to be a forensic psychiatrist cos I find all that crimonology stuf fascinating and you can help people at the same time :-), from a med student perspective, the psychiatrists I've seen in a proffessional context seem lovely people, really normal and know what they are talking about. But those who have treated me have been useless. I've seen 2 young pdocs, neither seemed caring. The first one's first question (before he even introduced himself) was 'so whats this I've been hearing about you wanting to hurt yourself?' I mean how are you meant to answer a question like that? At least he got a second opinion from the consultant but he was just as bad, his english was so poor that I could hardly understand him (he was foreign - rather than just had a bad education!). The second one is abit better but I've been on the same meds for 4 months without improvement and she just says she'll wait and see-its not her having to live with this c***.

In contrast the GPs I've seen have been fairly young with a caring manner and were willing to listen rather than just firing a load of questions to write in their notes.

If I become a psychiatrist I dont want my patients to hate me like I do mine. How am I meant to build trust with people who have had so many bad experiences? And personally I think oncology is much more rewarding because treatment is more clear cut and the best thing you can give someone is a dignified and peaceful death - hardly what you would describe suicide as.

> do you know that very few of the docs in our best mental health hospitals talk with their colleagues? that strikes me as weird.... (though in this case they actually know more about psychiatry than i do... like 100 times more... so i am not passing judgement.... i just think it's WEIRD)...
> still moronic... i mean.... out of date, CME-is-not-for-me, docs in general hospitals don't seem to consult with their colleagues... weird.... tragic... the doc who i'm seeing now who knows 1000 times more about psychiatry than me (respect) is a "consultant psychiatrist", the kind other doctors go to when they are stuck.... guess what? i have had plenty of doctors stuck and they never go for consults.... why??
> anyways.... so like this young doc in the states spent 1 hour asking me every conceivable question before giving me an antipsychotic ... and then was caring enough to go look for samples!
> now compare this to me going to see GP_OLDGUY_WALKINCLINIC who is like "oh you're on 5 mg zyprexa? sure here's a perscription no problem (expected, you WANT to encourage people to take their meds right?) .... in fact why don't you try taking 10 mg (what the???)" ..... in his defence... maybe i'm a *little* hyper/enthusiastic about medicine but is that just me? i mean when the only source of relieve in my life is going to see a doctor and getting some decent medication is it weird to be enthusiastic? ............ like dude... if you want to calm me down don't give me an antipsychotic give me a stimulant for my ADHD ..... wouldn't this guy feel guilty if my ADHD got worse and i developed some movement disorder or became a zombie for no reason?
> of course not, he's GP_OLDGUY_WALKINCLINC :)
> (p.s. i do fine on 2.5 mg zyprexa :) )
> > I agree. And statistics show that psychiatrists have a high suicide rate, suffer from many of these disorders themselves (which isn't always a bad thing) and frequently abuse drugs. The
> i always thought psychiatry would be one of the most rewarding fields because you can take someone who is feeling worse than anyone on the planet, give them a drug, and in a few weeks see a major improvement.....
> whereas you go into oncology and you see so many people die and must feel helpless :(
> >psychiatrists I've met, both in a therapeutic context and personally, have, for the most part, been either grossly unethical or some of the LEAST caring people.
> i think in order to be a psychiatrist, or doctor for that matter, you have to be a little apathetic or it will really get to you ...... and i know families of doctors who all display the same traits... really nice, responsible, idealistic guys who don't find movies like 'faces of death' at all strange... hmmmm... like totally unphased by horror movies or grossness... mild sociopaths (no fear) but definately not psychopaths (no guilt)
> like if i were a doc i would want to see max 4 patients a day (uneducated guess) otherwise i would just become an apathetic deliverer of drive-through medicine
I'd definately not want to deal with the 40 or more patients some docs have to in a day. In the UK a GP has 7 minutes with each patient - that hardly makes you feel special!

> speaking of becoming a doc....... can anyone suggest a decent anti-emetic? i have a really bad nausea reflex

I know I'm meant to be good at bulls***ing but I really dont know anything about anti-emetics! I suppose it depends what sort of reflux you have. Does it occur at a certain time? How much refluxes? Do you know the cause?





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