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Re: memory, and supplements Larry Hoover

Posted by samplemethod on July 21, 2003, at 7:43:34

In reply to Re: memory, and supplements SLS, posted by Larry Hoover on July 14, 2003, at 7:35:59

Yo lar thanks for that. Big props to Lar. I just wanna say all the info you have provided in the past few months I have been on this board is much appreciated.

I have been taking the same sorta core supps apart from heavy b12 and heavy niacinamide.

will be trying TMG soon... are there any bad effects that can happen with TMG?

Whats your opinion about Evening primrose oil. I bought that lately for the GLA content (10%- havent found borage yet in OZ), and maybe for the other oil content. not too sure about what it also provides.

Should I take it? How much you reckon?

I also tried some CLA lately... but have been reading some contradicting studies so I have stopped taking it for the moment.

Ive heard that CLA competes with fish oil in some way and some suggest to use it on alternate days...

My main interest in CLA was for weight loss. Do you know if EPO will affect my weight loss. Ive heard that EPO is 65% to 80% linoleic acid though I dunno how this will affect me.


> > > My mood has been stable for a few years now, with some minor blips, and I attribute that entirely to supplement use (though my attribution *may* be incorrect).
> >
> >
> > Hi Larry.
> >
> > Thanks for replying. I'm sure you've already posted this a million times, but I would love to know what drugs and supplements you are currently taking, and which ones you feel contribute to your remission from depression. I hope it's not a well-guarded family recipe!
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Stay well.
> >
> >
> > - Scott
> I can't point my finger at any particular supplement and say, this is the one. They seem to work in concert, at least, or synergistically, as an alternative.
> I don't take my supps every day. I'm just not predisposed to anything that routine. Remembering to take prescription meds daily was always a huge chore (but I'm not taking any prescribed meds now, other than temazepam for insomnia, which I simply cannot forget). The intermittent intake of supps may enhance their effect (by preventing dependence), or may reduce the effect, by failing to achieve saturation of my enzymes,etc. Really, all I'm saying is there is an uncontrolled variable in my personal experiment.
> Even though I don't take them daily, I'll express them in a per day format. I'm more driven by whim than anything, on the supps. Gut-feeling stuff, my body telling me to up my intake of something. The core group I deem essential for my well-being.
> Core supps (stuff I take pretty much every time I take supps):
> B-complex/mineral tablets (this is a B-50 complex, with your typical minerals added), 2 tabs/day
> B-12, 1,000 mcg/day (cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin)
> selenium, 200 mcg/day
> zinc, 50 mg/day
> vit. C, 2 g/day
> vit. E, 800 IU/day
> alphalipoic acid, 300 mg/day
> folate, 1 mg/day
> niacinamide, 500-1000 mg/day
> fish oil, 3-6 g/day
> Intermittent supps (stuff I don't take every time, but still with relatively high frequency):
> magnesium, 200-800 mg (elemental)
> phosphatidyl serine, 300 mg
> lecithin granules, by the spoonful
> NADH 5-10 mg
> TMG 500-1500 mg
> borage oil, 500-1500 mg (for the GLA....should take more of this one (personal reminder))
> chromium, 150 mcg
> cod liver oil, teaspoon
> More intermittent yet:
> vitamin D, 400 IU (actually a hormone)
> Siberian ginseng
> ginkgo
> St. John's wort (just for tweaking)
> I hope I didn't forget anything.
> I should conclude with a little blurb about my own philosophy with respect to my health. Despite the different diagnoses (*their* (the medical model's) ideas, and I have other diagnoses I didn't mention), I have long noted that groups of symptoms wax and wane together. Those symptom clusters often are attributed (by them) to different diagnoses. My body says otherwise.
> Many years ago, I first hypothesized that a root causative factor for my health problems was what I called a "subclinical malabsorption syndrome", i.e. not so severe as to require obvious treatment, but chronic and debilitating (via malnutrition), nevertheless. That concept, and my extreme sensitivity to the side effects of prescription medications, has pushed me down the supplementation path.
> I may be a bizarre freak of nature. Who knows? It's impossible for me to stand back from the guidance offered by my own experience, and give an unbiased recommendation to others, with respect to supplements. I do my best to only report from the literature. That is my caveat to you. I cannot know what may or may not help you.
> Recent discussions of celiac and dairy intolerance have re-awakened my thinking. These sensitivities provide a mechanism for my malabsorptive model. I'm going to have to face this, and adopt an exclusion diet, to settle the question.
> I'm probably on the road in just a few hours. Catch ya later.
> Lar




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