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weight gain and yeast syndrome CherC68

Posted by zinya on June 30, 2003, at 22:40:45

In reply to Re: Effexor, Prozac, Zoloft...HELP! JTC, posted by CherC68 on June 30, 2003, at 11:10:13

hi Cher,

gosh, i'm learning new things about people here today by the bushel... I just wrote back JTC directly and added a few things to your encouragements here, which i wholly support too.

But i also wanting to comment to you directly on hearing what you've said about the weight issue in particular. I've also "been there" and empathize with what it does to one's psyche and how it alone can cause depression but i do also think it can be a symptom and effect of depression as much as a cause. And in addition to the vital importance of exercise, i totally agree, the first other thing i thought of as I read your words here was to wonder if you've ever read about what some doctors in published books have called "yeast syndrome" -- not yeast infection but yeast SYNDROME (or Candida).... Have you heard of it?

If you've had yeast infections it could be an additional sign of the broader syndrome -- the first yeast infection of my life at age 42 after 11 days on the wrong antibiotic for a bronchial thing led me to discover the whole broader syndrome and a doctor who totally believed in it and getting and reading a couple of books on it. And while traditionalist doctors probably still are clueless about it, I think there's some credence to it. AND the theory of it accounts for some propensities toward depression, etc. as well.

But it's a much broader thing than yeast infection and men can have the yeast syndrome too. Basically it manifests in a craving for certain foods which are yeast-producing in the body -- which doesn't mean the prodcuts themselves have yeast in them but they are converted in the body into yeast and in the intestinal tract can trigger an insatiable self-perpetuating appetite for that which "feeds it" ... It's a complete imbalance in the system based largely on sugars and also fungal things like mushrooms or bacon or also fermented things like vinegar. To this day, i still avoid mushrooms, vinegar and the third no-no food which escapes me now :)) BAck in '89 when i fell upon this, i pretty rigidly adhered to the diet (which isn't really that hard - it's eliminating selective things but it's a little tricky ... but IF it could be a factor, it could be worth factoring in awareness of this syndrome in choosing what you eat and don't eat as yet another component of dealing with body imbalances. I do think that is another one. I did after a couple years resume some of the things that i'd given up for that year or two but i think (knock on wood, 13 years later) i did break the worst of that cycle, as i've never had the same kind of craving cycles ever again. It made quite a difference in my life.

So, for what it's worth... I'm afraid my copy of the book is packed away .. OH, but wait, I just remembered there's a technique here - if I put it in double quotes, the post will locate it in, so what the hell :)) ... I think the one I liked the best was "The Yeast Connection" by Crook (I see he has several books now and the one I read is probably outdated -- I checked one at random but you could glance through them all on amazon and see if any interested you -- or whoever's reading this and interested too) and the other was called "The Yeast Syndrome"

many hugs and more later,




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