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Re: Real Depression

Posted by cybercafe on July 15, 2002, at 0:13:44

In reply to Re: Real Depression cybercafe, posted by Bob on July 13, 2002, at 13:14:51

> There is no question that psychosis and the meds used to treat it are a whole other league of horror. I am truly sorry to hear about what your father goes through. It sounds quite unpleasant.

... well it did at first -- then i said to myself "this has been ill for 45 years and never once attempted suicide -- he must be reasonably happy" ... and later i discussed taking a different med with him, and he has zero desire to change meds so.... i am convinced you can have quite a few miserable side effects and still be a happy fellow

> There is another "choice" for us, and a certain percentage of people eventually take it. I'm not advocating it at all, I'm just saying sometimes it gets to be too much for people.

.. yeah... but the thing that bothers me is there are so many treatments available that people havn't had the chance to explore... i'd like to think imparting knowledge can greatly improve upon this

> Are you referring to fish oil?

actually i tried flax seed oil for constipation i think.. but i only used it once or twice and the problem went away (damn it)...
... if only i had known about it during those years of paxil and metamucil

libido, or were dizzy and weak? ... well i wouldn't be bothered, if i am happy :)
> No, I'm not saying that, because in my personal experience, no such med exists.

oh... how many meds have you tried and if you have communicated your feelings to your doctor, does he consider you a 100% success or otherwise?

> 50%? You basically just described my life presently, and I wouldn't place it at 50%.

... hmmm... i always thought if you tried all the stimulants, opiods, augmentation strategies and so fourth there was always ECT ...

> Uh-huh. I never touched a rec drug in my life. My brain and autonomic nervous system got totally wacked all by itself. Lucky me.

.. same here... but i am expecting a 100% recovery sooner or later... most likely through an augmentation strategy ...

... i'm actually pretty much 100% when i'm around people, but feel like crap otherwise...

.. why are you doing worse than 50%, .. are you waiting for the current med to kick in?

> I think it comes from people not seeing the reality of the big picture. There are many people out there suffering unimaginably, and there are many drugs out there with many problems. We are not currently at a point where

hmmm... besides antidepressants taking so long to work (possibly managable with pindolol?) and permanent movement disorders what do you see as major problems with current drugs?

>we can sit back and say that we have "excellent" tools to fight this problem. If you cold measure

... i think excellent tools can be misused and turned into horrible tools.....

>our progress towards a cure for mental illness in terms of sailing across the Atlantic, I think we'd still be well within sight of the port from which we'd disembarked.

cure? .... i'll get back to you on that when i finish reading up on gene expression ;)

> > take care ;)
> you as well.

are you doing any better?
what steps would you have to take to improve your condition?




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