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Re: Real Depression

Posted by cybercafe on July 11, 2002, at 1:08:05

In reply to Re: Real Depression, posted by LostBoyinNC1 on July 11, 2002, at 0:33:26

> I dont agree with you. I think most of the modern class antidepressants have a quite good side effect profile. What bothers me more is having to live in the "hell" of severe clinical depression. Thats ten times worse to me than living with some medication side effects.

Yeah for sure there are no side effects so bad that I am willing to put up with severe depression for the rest of my life. And that includes movement disorders, .. or even growing a third eye... or if I found out meds took 20 years off my life.... (Discounting the existence of ECT,rTMS,MST, psychosurgery etc of course)...

However... I am sure that when people stop taking their meds they do not believe the symptoms are going to return. Or if they do -- they can't remember how serious they were -- just like when you're depressed it's difficult to remember the happy times in your life...

> Of course, there are a few drug side effects which are truly severe and unacceptable. Such as the EPS/TD movement disorders that atypical anti-psychotics can cause in depressives. Or blood sugar increases from Zyprexa or Seroquel that induces diabetes. Or MAOI hypertensive crisises. These are serious side effects to be avoided totally.

Ummm... I would rather cut out aged cheeses from my diet then have no libido :)

.... of course there are always augmentation strategies for SSRI users...

... I actually picked up a bit of a tremor from Effexor...

> What I dont understand is people who think SSRI type side effects (weight gain, sexual dysfunction) are worse than living with the depression itself. I always come to the

... I can't imagine that.... I think it's more likely they don't think their depression will come back.... now why severe bipolars, psychotic individuals, those with histories of suicide, etc have to dump all of their medication within a day or two... take extreme measures like flushing it down the toilet.... this just doesn't seem like a good idea to me

>conclusion that most of these sorts of individuals dont have very severe depression to make the decision to go off an anti-depressant for what I consider to be trivial side effects.

Yep... ! Or to go take it even further... I have felt sorry for a lot of people who seemed to whine like they had serious problems... but when you offer them advice they just seem totally apathetic... like "yeah maybe i'll try that... or ... maybe i'll just do without medication... " DO WITHOUT MEDICATION?? ... the reason i'm on medication is because the only other option for me is suicide (or ECT etc etc)....

... i just wish i had started Parnate sooner... i love this med :)

> I guess what Im saying is Id rather be able to sleep decently and be able to concentrate than have some weight gain or delayed orgasm side effects. Off ADs, my sleep and concentration fall apart, as do many other things.

actually sleep and concentration are secondary to relieving what i would call "unbearable suffering"...

.. that is why i am quite happy when i get a 20% response from a med... sure my life might still be in shambles... but at least i can go on ...

> Oddly enough, I find my sex drive increases on antidepressants. What kills my sex drive is untreated severe depression.

... this coming from another Parnate user of course :)




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