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Re: Santa Claus Adderall? JohnX2

Posted by nightlight on December 20, 2001, at 11:24:39

In reply to Santa Claus Adderall?, posted by JohnX2 on December 19, 2001, at 19:14:16

> Well its that time of year and I opted out
> of visiting my family because I just saw the
> peckerheads in Nov and its too cold up there.
> So now I get some time to myself, but unfortunately
> that time may include the holidays. I don't want
> to be sitting in my bed depressed at this most
> vulnerable time of year for me. I'm still tinkering
> in the middle of a Wellbutrin trial, but don't know
> when it will kick in.
> So tomorrow I see my pdoc, and I'm wondering if it
> would be out of line to really push him hard just this
> once to write me a 2 week script for Adderall. This would
> get me through this tough time, help me lose the 15 lbs
> I gained on Zyprexa, and help me get a lot of things
> done around the house that have been sorely in need
> of attention. Personally, I'm not convinced I shouldn't
> be on a stimulant anyways. I've been prescribed
> Adderall twice by 2 other pdocs. So far Adderall is the only
> thing that consistantly relieved my depression. Go
> for it?
> -john

I wd. want the Adderall, too. I respond well to stimulants, and quickly).

I would be cautious in approaching the doc for precribing Adderall while in the middle of a trial of WB (which can be a very stimulating drug in itself).

1. The effects of the adderall cd. skew results of the WB trial.

2. How does ur p-doc feel about rx'g controlled substances? U are on klonopin, right? My (previous) docs were really reluctant about p-stims, but more liberal (slightly) w/klonopin/ painkillers.

3. For what purpose did ur prev. docs prescribe the Adderall? Was it for the ADD u don't think u actually have (I may be confusing u w/another poster) to augment A-D's, or combat fatigue...?
What doses of Add. have you used in past?

Having at least had experience w/the Adderall is a point in your favor. I don't know how relaxed the rapport b/t u and ur dr. is, but, I know that many doctors wd. recoil at the idea of prescribing a highly controlled substance in order to simply help their patient have a productive, happier holiday and lose a few pounds along the way...!

But, if y'all do have good rapport, and you believe you need this chemical support in order to not fall victim to what can be a *serious* slip into holiday blues syndrome (which has often dragged me down into true depressive 'pit-land'), then I think you asking for the Adderall cd. be considered a reasonable request.

But, I would keep the conversation serious, and perhaps not mention that u are interested in the anorectic effect of the drug. (Unless u have the type of doc who often precribes anorectics to counteract weight gain due to other Rx'd meds).

Anyway, it's worth a shot. Did Adderall not complicate ur pain syndrome due to increased muscle tension? I know it can for me, but, I need it desperately to function *at all* and I use klonopin, soma, propoxyphene, stretching, exercise
& drinking lots of water to off-set any added tension which complicates myofascial pain in my neck shoulders,etc. Without the Adderall, I am semi-conscious, in the bed, or on the couch for most of the day (or want to be!) and I wd. not be able to maintain my new part-time job, or the increased function I now enjoy. (Still far below 'normal', but I am grateful for 'this').
Now must find the proper A-D to support mood and activation while also giving me additional anxiolytic support. I've been on a 2-mo. trial of zoloft, saw p-doc y'day, am switching to Effexor today, cause had no effect from zoloft.

Please keep us posted.
I am really curious as to what ur doc's reply will be. I hope it is positive.

'whatever gets you thru the alright,alright...' (within reason)

I feel that way about the holidays, myself, and alcohol is not an option for me (altho it used to be, and helped me many a tough holiday gathering).
But, it gives me rebound depression something fierce, and often triggers pain that is difficult to treat.

Sorry to babble on.
I wish you lots of holiday luck and hope u make the best of ur solitude. What I wouldn't give for a week alone.....ah, nirvana, IF my head is in the right place!





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