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Re: It doesn't get any better than this(Cam)

Posted by gilbert on May 23, 2001, at 16:27:18

In reply to Re: It doesn't get any better than this?, posted by Cam W. on May 23, 2001, at 2:44:09


I must say that I usually look forward to your posts, your intelligence on the chemical side of the mental health industry is excellent. I disagree however with your assesment of the human side or all be it the abberant thinking and low will power and unrealitic expectations of mental health patients in general. I have suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia since the death of my brother at age four...I am now 42 years old. I have joined and participated in numerous support groups, I have been in CBT pyschonanalysis and had numerous shrinks including pdocs and social workers. I have tried tape series I have fought and white knuckled for every inch of turf I have gained in my life mostly through self will and effort. I have studied Dr Lowes recovery programs and have brought my will to bear discomfort up to most levels most people could not or would not have the balls to do. I have driven down freeways and fought thru panics just to toughen myself so I could be more funtional. I have done this all to become a more functional member of society for my family, myself, and my employer. I have worked my ass off for thirty some years at this process. To even presume that expecting medicine to be more than a band aid I guess is false hope and stupidity on my part but certainly not unrealistic. You see Cam I take blood pressure meds and they have effectively lowered my blood pressure without side effects. Members of my family with sugar take their meds without side effects as well and their condition improve greatly. Cholesterol meds work nicely and most without side effects. So to conclude that the error in thinking is due to high expecations or lack of will and discipline on the part of the mental health patient is a concept I refuse to embrace. Most of us have not curled up in balls in the corner of our bedrooms waiting for drugs to pull us out. Most of us have fought hard to get well only to be dissappointed by the fact that the medical industry produces and markets ineffective meds with patents and high cost well the rest of the health industry is making leaps we are only given an opportunity for baby steps. I think the abberant thinking is not on the patients side but on the side of the industry who pushes sub par meds or meds with side effects that my shrink would find unacceptable for himself, this is where the attention needs to be pointed. The whole band aid theory does not hold water frankly most of us have been bleeding to death and band aids or a pull yourself up by your bootstrap mentality just won't do........Gil




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