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Re: It doesn't get any better than this?

Posted by kid47 on May 23, 2001, at 11:01:01

In reply to Re: It doesn't get any better than this? gilbert, posted by dougb on May 22, 2001, at 13:43:26

Isnt it all brain chemistry? Wether we use meds, therapy, or both, isn't it the desired result to alter our brain chemistry so we feel "NORMAL". I have read some articles (sorry, no links. You'll just have to trusrt me.) that indicated some type of measurable changes in brain chemistry occured that where believed to be a result of talk therapy alone. I assume there are a variety of ways to alter brain chemistry through lifestyle & drugs. When we get to a point we can no longer function on a day to day basis I think psychmeds become the most viable solution to getting us back on our feet. If we are doing everything we possibly can to live a lifestyle conducive to good mental health & still have serious "mental" illness, then we have no choice but to look to meds to improve our condition.(Brain chemistry).

Big bussines is just that . Right or wrong, whether it's auto manufacturing or pharmacuticals the bottom line will always be king. I think the drug companies very badly want to find a "cure" for mental illness. The company that discovers that magic bullet will watch it's stock soar to new heights. Not the most altruistic attitude, but nevertheless, for us, it would get the job done! They are under constant pressure (as are most bussinesses) to compete in the market place. I can't fault the drug companies for trying to respond to a market that is demanding more effective medicines. It is in their best interest to do so. I think they are as interested in finding drugs that work as we are, albeit for different reasons.

There are obviously varied responses to various psychmeds. Some good, some bad, some inadequate. I think we must accept that for some, currently available meds are not getting the job done. Hopefully, this will continue to drive the market & motivate drug cos. to research & develop the next generation of meds & to do it quickly.

I think the real targets, at least of my frustration/hostlity, are the insurance cos.(& the legislates that are in bed with them) & the professional mental health.....naw, make it the entire medical community (except Dr. Bob of course). But that rant will have to wait. (& probably should be on PSB :p) )


> > Now the other side of the coin is at best these meds seem to make life tolerable.
> --- Tolerable seems like a depressing destination, but i think that many on ads are not even to this low target, thus major depressions inexcusable mortality rate.
> > I still feel I am better off being a guinea pig with legal substances where quantities and quality is somewhat controlled.
> --- Of course with some of these substances, that may be like saying: I get my toxic preparations sans impurities
> > But it seems to me from reading this board and from my own experience we are all scurrying from one drug to another in hopes of finding something that will give us that glimpse of happiness that may not actually exist. This may be as good as it gets.
> --- Can not agree here, everyone here pays a very high price, in dollars, wasted productivity, lost moments with family and friends.
> This price is being paid month in month out, and we are paying for only one thing: Relief from illness.
> We are not getting what we paid for, else we would not be here.
> As we do not get what we pay for, we should not be charged for what we are not receiving.
> Furthermore, as the pharmaceutical and medical communities are making such excessive profits elseware, there should be an adjustment for failure to perform.
> I have not seen the figures but multiply a few million sufferers by $200-600 per month for a few pennies worth of chemicals, now mix in a visit to your pdoc every X.
> Can you spell @#@$*!! < -- add your own expeletive (exploitedtive) here.
> Now, we are expected to believe that 'maybe it just doesn't get any better'?
> db




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