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Re: It doesn't get any better than this? CAM

Posted by Anna Laura on May 24, 2001, at 2:15:01

In reply to Re: It doesn't get any better than this? CAM, posted by JAMMER on May 23, 2001, at 10:29:46

> > I find it funny (and ironic) that people expect a pill to make them "normal". Perhaps the psychiatric community isn't explaining what they do, in an understandable manner. Antidepressants (and all medications) are only bandages. They do not "cure" anything. Antidepressants help one function better in society, but the amount they are able to help one function depends on how much work one is willing to do to "get better". One can't take a pill and "fix" yourself. The only way to do that is to change your aberrant thinking and dysfunctional coping mechanisms. It has been my experience that few people are actually willing to go through the pain of changing themselves and would rather blame their situation on medications (it's easier than working on one's problem).
> >
> > My view - Cam
> I think your right on, Cam. Bandaids over an exisiting wound may keep it clean and protected, but learning how to keep from getting the wound in the first place is the way to go. And yes, it's alot of work to solve issues that cause psycho symptoms, and meds help alleviate the "bad feelings", but doing the work to solve the root cause of bad feelings, is the real solution to returning to "normalcy". And it is work!!!
> -James
Hi guys

Hope this mail is not going to sound arrogant or too proud: every single word in this mail is the bare truth.
I've been working very hard on myself, i swear to god, i'm not boasting myself a genius.
I did cognitive therapy and all sorts of therapies (gestalt, psychoanalisis and so on) and i still wonder what's wrong with me.
I digged deep inside of me. I buried my pride and tried to observe myself in an objective manner.
I've been doing self-investigation all my life trough.
I answered thousands of questions and unraveled the most intricate personal issues.....Still, the wound is still there....
I know for sure (i always knew) that i'm sick cause i've been badly hurt as a child.
I was abused by my mother, both psychologically and phisycally.
She locked me up in a closet for hours, forcing me to eat my vomit, whipping me with a belt every day.
By the age of thirteen i read Freud and Jung, trying to find the answers to my discomfort.
The last time i went to therapy was a couple of months ago. "It's because of your mother"- the therapist said. "But i know all this stuff already! I always knew that!!!!"
"Well, if you had been unaware you would have been much sicker than that!" - he insisted.
By the time passed by, the therapist felt very uncomfortable and puzzled cause i was "conscious" and had "deep insights" (his words) still, i was sick. ."Sorry, I can't do anything for you: may be you should find the right medication" was his answer.
He told me he didn't know what was wrong with me since i was very mature and aware.
The same thing happened with a Junghian psychoanalist few weeks ago.
"I don't know, may be you're too much "psychic". was his intuition. ("psychic" means you're thinking too much).
"Of course i think too much: i'm anhedonic and don't feel anything, so i'm living too much inside my head " was my reply. (chicken and egg type of thing).
I solved the biggest issues in my life:now i can carry on lasting and satisfactory relationships, whereas i couldn't do that before, i'm finally able to get social, i can work and concentrate well enough to get my job done (i had ADD when i was a teenager and a young adult): STILL, I' M SICK .
The situation really sucks, believe me , cause i don't know where to turn now.
I wish the only thing to do was to work hard on myself, believe me: i would be much less desperate then i am.

Anna Laura




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