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Re: Selegiline Expertise Needed Again - -JohnL

Posted by michael on January 28, 2000, at 8:53:49

In reply to Re: Selegiline Expertise Needed Again - -JohnL, posted by Rick on January 28, 2000, at 1:34:01

> > > JohnL-
> > >
> > > I'm back to taking a small amount (10 mg -- no food restrictions!) of Selegiline orally with my 2.0 mg Klonopin and 5 mg. Pindolol. And, my sexual reaction sounds just like what Adam is seeing with the patch. Unbelievable sexual desire and "sensations", but maybe actually a tad less stamina (but that could very well be from one of the other meds, or the combo, rather than the Selegiline itself).
> > >
> > > Once again, everyone's prone to different side effects. For example, look at how many meds list BOTH hypertension and hypotension as possible side effects.
> > >
> > > Rick
> > > ----
> > > > JohnL
> > > >
> > > > It doesn't suprise me at all that sexual dysfunction is a side effect of selegiline. Different people respond differently, that's perhaps the only axiom I could trust, in regards to meds, and based on the stories I have read here. Perhaps the similarities in our responses to other drugs might be predictive, but I wouldn't count on that. Also, I'm currently taking selegiline in such a different manner (transdermally vs. orally) than most people here will be able too. Transdermal delivery changes the pharmicokinetics of selegiline quite a bit. I am, myself, scared sh#tless about what will happen in three months when the study I am in is over and I have to give up the patch. But this much I can say it true about me now: Sex is NOT a problem. I, um, just got more evidence of that last night (I am, as they say, a little giddy at the moment). Does it _enhance_? It sure doesn't hurt. I have spent so many previous years trying to deal with sexual dysfunction that it's hard to know anymore what my "normal" level of functioning is. I pretty much have to look back to my early twenties for that (I'm about 2.5 months shy of 30). I would say I am at that level now, but...(oh, what the hell), I have not experienced an almost ravenous sexual hunger like this in a LONG time. Actually, there's no "almost" about it. I would say performance is as good as ever (and I'm older now), and desire is, hooahh...words can hardly describe. If there is a problem, it might be that my stamina is a bit adversely affected. I'm hoping with a little concentration to deal with that. It's not a big concern, I don't think. We'll see.
> > > > >
> > > > > Adam, couple questions for you. Your experiences on serzone and remeron mirror mine almost exactly, which makes me wonder if I might have a high likelihood of responding to selegiline as you have. First, didn't you say selegiline boosts libido and desire? Is it still that way? Second, at any point did you have any male difficulties in sex? I was reading about selegiline side effects and one of them listed is 'sexual dysfunction'. I thought, huh? Better ask Adam bout that...Thanks. JohnL
> >
> >
> >
> > Rick,
> >
> > I've been looking over some of the selegiline info here, and re-read your post above. I was just wondering what the motivation was for adding the 10mg selegiline.
> >
> > I thought that I'd seen it referred to for counering the effects of anorgasmia, etc. at that low dosage. Just wondering if there were any other uses/benefits at that dosage?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > michael
> Before Klonnopin. I was taking 15mg. Selgiline alone for Social Phobia with no results except perhaps a slight INCREASE in anxiety and agitation. (Hardly a surprise to me, but my pdoc is an MAOI proponent and wanted to try it after Nardil pooped out while leaving the awful side effects intact.) When I switched to Klonopin, I kept the low-dose Pindolol he had prescribed for mildly-elevated blood pressure, and which has a nice calming effect. Then I asked if I could continue low-dose Selegiline with the Klonopin since the Selegiline was activating and sexually stimulating, and supposedly cognitively-enhancing (and life-extending??) -- and I had heard stories of cognitive impairment with Klonopin. I eventually ended up cutting back the Selegiline to 5 mg., but it's obvious that it's still having an effect, in terms of alertness, clear thinking, libido, and significantly enhanced sexual sensations (but not enhanced sexual stamina). YMMV!
> Rick


Thanks a lot for the feedback, and for getting back to me so quickly - I'm going in to discuss my meds in a couple hours, & wanted to discuss selegiiline. More info is always better...

Thanks again,





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