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It's like a computer CORE dump

Posted by Phillip Marx on December 31, 1999, at 2:48:27

In reply to Re: Can't find disciplined response, posted by jamie on December 30, 1999, at 17:24:39

> Phillip I wish you could stand back and look at what you've written. Are you sure you aren't manic or psychotic or something? I mean, your responses are all over the map in a conglomerate of nonsensical phrases. If I wanted to show someone what manic looks like I would show them one of your responses. Are you sure you're OK? Are you always like this or is it the drugs?

I am reluctant to exert the work it takes to do work as perfect as that which almost killed me. I was going through several pounds of coffee grounds a day to keep going before all the sleep deficit set in. You'd not believe how much better I am now, and still improving as long as I don't come up with yet another medicine tolerance.

It's like a computer core dump. As I said in a past post you may have missed on a different thread, I am combining instead of repeating responses. I don't have time now to do these the way they seem to be wanted. My real step in here was to see if I could find others like me. Apparently not. Therefore the value of demonstrating how clearly I can write and compose would be worth what? I CAN put in all the bullets and indented subparagraph numbers, well, maybe I'll show you someday. But for now, the shortest way I can say something is the only way I have time to say it. I don't have much experience generating anything shorter than 25 pages. Tersifying whole paragraphs into single sentences is deliberate.

The following shows the response I get on a Yahoo stocks monitoring site I occassionally participate on:

James Joyce???

Your Joycean style ie stream of thought style is extremely interesting and often confusing and yet informative. I enjoy reading your posts but they can be scary at times.

James Joyce?

Ha, I wish.
Ayn Rand too.
Admiration inspires inspiration and imitation, not equalization.
Scary? Loose lassos catch only air.
Terse-ifying can tier and compress a paragraph into a sentence not only lossless, but with entropy that adds the reader’s knowledge to the writer’s. Any credit is half (or more) yours.

OT: thought streaming

There’s a whole book on lateral thinking (lightly constrained or free-form thought streaming is one of it’s main tactics, commended in several IQ building/recovery texts too). Barnes and Noble carries it. Carpal Tunnel tendon friction conservation is cramping and influencing my style more than you might think, lateral thinking isn’t always voluntary. Combined (mixed AND stirred) linear and lateral thinking baits more lateral thinking because initial confusion demands reconciliation in bandwidth unplugging ways. High bandwidth (interconnect rate) evolves between un-interconnected sites craving interconnect productivity instead of bandwidth jams with dendrite growth factors and co-factors detecting the vacuum under voltage and feed on being the food (amongst other chemical symbiosis ecologies). Content addressing returning no contents results in a chemical value for the gut feeling “I know/I don’t know”. “Hope” times “I don’t know yet” chemically triggers “think” and opens a fresh file space under the content directory labeled curiosity, which can kill your multiprocessing efficiency. Lateral thinking requires and gobbles bandwidth. Inter-people communication requires compression and decompression for vocalizable bandwidth fit, playing tag with tags can be cryptic but it helps a lot. Analyzing “almost-fits” trains recognition of elusive and otherwise indescribable perfect-fits. Is my drift drifting too much?

I’m gaggling at my own cackling at how funny my inference abuse is. Reading those yahoos has done me in. Oh, no! I’ve been Yahoo’d by them, boohoo for me. Pitching back isn’t pitching in. Now I see the cycle they are in from inside the cycle.

Your posts are like drugs. Two days without them and I am going through withdrawal. Keep me away from the methadone clinic and give us your thoughts on Microsensors and anything else you care to share with us.



Thanks for the fix. Seems like you are going to be adding to your position. I don't have a clue whether the share price will be higher or lower next week, but 1999 will look like a good buying opportunity when compared to 2000. Have a nice day.

Phil, Where are man, we need your input.

Although I really enjoy Phil's posts, an EFS-1 release and a trip to the methadone clinic would suffice.

welcome back...
its no wonder you can't post often. I barely have the time to READ your posts, much less write them!




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