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Posted by Phillip Marx on January 3, 2000, at 13:51:42

In reply to Re: KISS, posted by dj on January 3, 2000, at 1:20:34




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Hmmm. Zero content improvement. Objective.

Blue eyes. Does it matter. I hope you are happy with “your” eye color. Can you change the color of even one hair without cheating with dye?

I keep saying it is still too much work for me. Maybe it’s not too much work for you, though you did muster only a two-sentence paragraph, hope you aren’t worn out. Maybe these demands for me to be manic are themselves manic? Maybe they are disguised demands that I prove-out their unskilled and uncertified tunnel-vision mindset diagnoses. Wrong-type forcing-functions for me. I have no factitious motivations to fulfill faulty or any other diagnoses – nothing to gain – much time to lose. I “has” been a has-been, I has, I has—means I’m not, I’m not. I remember most of the how-to-do so much work, but I sure remember how much work all that work is, and what it cost me. You are permitted to laugh at that as much as I do. Suppress any undue hysteria though, people are watching, people who think everything is a disorder, even if it is higher order (dis). I am way back up now from people joking to my face about slurred speech. But now what should I think about people in THIS forum complaining about slurred writing?

Gotta go sign up for classes this a.m. so that I can learn how to talk to ya’ all using caught-up-skilled psy-shorthand. So far, I’ve written to talk to those with my disorder, sorting for those skilled at extracting order from not-so-chaotic chaos for selfish-convenience sake. Guess I’ll have to settle for less.

Since I didn’t expect responses from individuals not specifically addressed, I didn’t try to or intend to write for all the other disorders that may be present here. Nor did I expect to find “better” those I am looking for by writing at a high(er) level. I have tried to read way too much written over, far over, my head. I’m not looking for fully functional psy-professionals to peer-relate with, suicide rate is too high. But I am signing up for classes to learn just what about and why they talk that way. Are any of you functioning well enough to sign up for such classes? The science of disorder understanding can’t be all fictious, I can’t master abstracting the abstract without specialized training. It isn’t civilized to begin to learn from scratch. Extracting what is logical from people who aren’t is not a common problem in aerospace, manglement jokes aside, it dumbfounds me still. I can sure certify that I am not psy-certified yet. Are you? I already knew I didn’t need your gracious help understanding that. All this just reinforces my deep-set desires to physiologically objectify diagnoses with instrumentation. That will, once atypicals are typified, separate the malingering factitious from the treatable.

Just what disorders am I trying to talk to here. Can I look on a poster list and look up what is officially wrong with YOU and compare that to what you perceive is actually wrong with you? Which electronically discernable symptoms would you use to dispute the therapy course you are in?

You all seem to think that state-of-the-art diagnosis has failed you. Robin Williams, last night in “Awakenings”- in a relatively low-key, but vivid to me way , asked himself “why aren’t all these atypicals amounting to something typical after so much time?” (Imprecise quote.) The medical profession exhibits a full spectrum of numbness to the same frustrations. They fix what they can fix and let God do the rest. But they continue to rustle and wrestle in the dark with the “rest of it” the same as us. Secondary deduction is hinting to me that “you” ALL are atypical. None of you seem satisfied with “typical” treatment. If typical treatment were sufficient for you, you could be expected to be elsewhere. Maybe atypicals are more prevalent than I thought. How many of you would like to be wired to an EEG Tri-Corder that would fix the disassociation of those assessing you?

> PM if you were half as great as you keep writing that you are in the bits and pieces of your posts I've scanned you would not find it difficult to indent but perhaps your self-stated brilliance precludes writing intelligibly. However I suspect you have very dark brown eyes because you are full of BS.

What color does such exhibited antagonistic frustration look like in your eyes?





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