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Re: Parnate: weight gain, & the literature - Liz

Posted by Zeke on December 14, 1999, at 11:25:55

In reply to Re: Parnate: weight gain, & the literature - Liz, posted by Elizabeth on December 14, 1999, at 4:44:22

> > (Interestingly, is the Surgeon General's report documenting people not seeking help for psychiatric disorders.
> I can't find this...happen to have a URL?

> >Gee guys, we take away the tools and what do you expect. We've already removed the promising application of MDMA in psychotherapy because of morally biased research.)
> You know, I really don't think that opposing use oof certain types of drugs has anything to do with morality. Maybe that's just my own moral bias, though!

I'm not talking about people taking ecstasy every weekend at the local rave -- though that's the reason it's schedule 1. I'm talking about limited clinical use to augment therapy just as pindolol augments Prozac. When I say morality, I mean the government passing along research that supports its view and withholding research that doesn't, or even preventing research in the first place. I get upset when they rant that 'MDMA destroys serotonin neurons," but never mention that administration of an SSRI four hours later will block the uptake and damage. I'm sorry, I just get upset when moral prejudice strongarms block scientific discovery. And remember that many of these folks would like to cast all psych meds in to the sea -- ' and by God, you should just pull yourself up by your bootstraps!'

> > IMHO Parnate is also mainly for refractory depression:
> >
> > "Tranylcypromine in high doses (20 to 30 mg po bid) is often effective for depression refractory to sequential trials of other antidepressants; it should be administered by physicians experienced in the use of MAOIs."
> > --The Merck Manual
> True, that's what I use MAOIs for (haven't given tricyclics an adequate trial due to side effects, though).

Despite all the bliss, I think the side effects of SSRIs cause many to drop those too. I can't deal with higher doses of Luvox but use a lower dose and pindolol.
> > > Uhh... "There are no cases of tranylcypromine-induced weight gain in the literature that are clearly associated with the drug." (This was after the drug had been approved in this country for nearly 30 years.)
> >
> > With emphasis on the word 'clearly.'
> I think that's what I'd require to consider it real evidence that Parnate "causes" or "induces" weight gain.

OK, with emphasis on no case being clear to this particular researcher.

> > > No doubt the appetite reduction helps, though my appetite increased on Parnate (probably secondary to remission of depression!).
> >
> > Remember that increased appetite (especially carbo cravings) are a symptom of atypical depression, just as weight gain is!
> Well yeah, I thought that was where the weight gain came from! Eating junk food, especially at night.
> > You might find this one interesting
> >
> > Richard J. Wurtman and Juidith J. Wurtman
> > Carbohydrates and Depression
> >
> Oh god, not the Wurtmans!

If I'd only know you were from Boston! (Besides, RW's a good guy -- Now if I'd have said John Mack... Beam me up Scotty!)




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