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Exercise and calories, fat, for men and women

Posted by Justitia on September 12, 1999, at 11:51:36

In reply to Re: Soooo glad I found all of you..., posted by Bob on September 12, 1999, at 10:43:14

Hope this message doesn't seem too long.

I am not a nutritionist but 2200 calories a day, even for a man sounds high. I keep my caloric intake to between 1200-1400 a day. (1200 is supposed to be the minimum) Also you need to watch fat content. I keep mine to less than 30% of my calories. I understand that men use even less fat but can have more calories but that range should be in the 1500 - 1800 calorie a day range. It also depends on your age. The older you are the less food you need, even with working out. Also stay away from sugar. They have studies now that show sugar is converted into fat. So those "fat-free" dessert types that still have sugar in them still add fat. People find they are addicted to sugar or sugar fat content, and find withdrawel form it veyr hard to do. That is one of the things, for those who shoose to, that Overeaters Anonymous can help with. It is based on addiction model about food, like AA (Alcholics Anonymous) Alchohol also turns into sugar which then turns into fat. THe issue about these foods is whether you can use them moderately or once you start to continue having more and more and then its best to cut them out altogether. THose 12 step programs are oriented to dealing wiht htose issues.

A recommended plan for exercise is 5 days a week of cardio (weight-bearing, i.e. treadmills or some standing exercise, no peddle bikes) where you get your heart rate up to what is 90% of your maximum for your age within the first 20 minutes and continue exercising for another 25 minutes. It is important to invest in a first rate heart moniter, the kind that goes around your chest, not your wrist so you know what your heart rate is. The machines that read off of your palms are extremely unreliable. And the same level of exercise does not produce the same heart rate each time you do it. It varies depending on your body that day. It is critical not to go over your recommended arate because you can put yourself into fibrilation and die. That is why you need a heart rate monitor They tend to cost around $100 but last forever. According to studies, the health and weight loss benefits of cardio drop off dramatically after 45 minutes, so for efficiency purposes there is no point in continuing longer. A trick
with the treadmill, if you can't or don't like running, is to increase the incline and walk rather than run. Exactly the same cardio and weight loss effect as running. (Better for your spine and knees and helps significantly with lower back pain as well.) The other is to do weight-training 2 -3 times a week to build up your muscle mass. That not only gives you enormous amout of energy but muscle burns more caloris than a body with a higher proportion of fat and because muscle "weighs" more than fat, the same amount of body weight that is a higher proportion of muscle is "thinner" (wears smaller size clothes) than the equivalent weight that is a higher proportion of fat. You tend to stay muscular when you are younger but you have to work at maintaining or rebuilding the muscle once you are past 30. It doesn't matter what age you start at, however, you can always rebuild muscle, even into your 80's. It just takes longer as you get older. But everyone can get into shape within a year. You always start noticing results within a few weeks. You lose the benefits when you stop more rapidly when you get older. You stop exercising for a month you have lost it all if you are past 40. If in stress periods and time crunches you can doone each, weight and cardio each week you can go a long way to maintining until you can back to your regular routine. You need an excellant trainer to teach you strength training properly. Most out there do no know what they are doing, or even if they do, they really don't pay attention to you while you're working out, getting glazy-eyed and counting reps for you without paying attention to the nuances of your body form, which is critical for success. Finding a first rate trainer is like finding a first rate doctor. It is hard to do. It helps if you have one who is a good motivator as well. I have also found that exercise does more for my mood than any drugs I have ever taken, but I still would take AD's if I didn't have such bad side-effects (chronic fatigue, sleeping 14 -16 hours a day, no sex drive, and compulsive eating.) The positive psychological benefits from the AD's were great but I could not live with the negative side effects.
Good luck all. And I have an incredible referral in Houston for a trainer where I used to live...if anybody is interested.




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