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Re: Prozac with Serzone. More questions???

Posted by Mark on May 10, 1999, at 5:15:20

In reply to Re: Prozac with Serzone. More questions???, posted by Michael Schell on December 30, 1998, at 10:12:06

You shouldn't need Serzone AND trazodone (they are
more or less the same except for side effects).

The issue with increased anxiety shouldn't be
any different adding one before the other---
just watch it carefully.

Serotonin syndrome involves muscle cramps,
fever, sweating, low blood pressure---it is
dangerous though not common if a psychiatrist
is closely following you. You treat it
symptomatically in an emergency room.

> > Prozac and Serzone are a useful combo and should do as well as anything for OCD. I think I have missed something, as I don't know why one would have to start with Serzone and then add Prozac specifically for sexual side effects. Are we talking about using Serzone for OCD and then if it's not completely effective, adding Prozac and hoping that the Serzone will counteract any sexual side effects Prozac may bring with it? That sounds reasonable. The only thing to keep in mind is that prozac is a very long acting medication and there is a potential to increase blood levels of serotonin too much, causing a nasty thing called Serotonin Syndrome which can cause seizures. Generally this occurs in "slow metabolizers" of particular medications and this is a genetic thing which you don't find out about until the reaction is already occurring. I'm babbling about this because the usual thing is to start with Prozac since it is long acting and then to add the shorter acting medication, Serzone or what have you, to it for augmentation. Dr. Bob or someone may have other thoughts.
> >Your right on the money in saying that I'm looking to treat OCD with Serzone and then adding in Prozac if it's not effective. Your also right about hoping that the Serzone will fight off the sexual side effects of Prozac. As for why it is said you should start with Serzone first and then add in Prozac is due to the belief that if you start Serzone with an SSRI in your system, you run the risk of having an extreme amount of anxiety for the first week or two. If you start the Serzone first and then add in the SSRI, the belief is that this anxiety problem wont happen. I've heard a lot about the serotonin syndrome, but I haven't heard how to treat it if you do get it. What are some ways to treat it? Also, Are there any long term effects of getting it? I also have read that Serzone has a built in mechanism for not letting the Serotonin Syndrome manifest itself. Is this not true when Prozac is added into the equation?
> >I hate to go on and on...but I really just want to get all the info. I can in finally finding a comb of drugs that work great in making me feel great without the numerous side effects. I have read some disconcerting info. on Serzone decreasing a persons' creativity and intelligence. Both these things were improved for me on Prozac. I really enjoyed being more creative, having a quicker wit and thinking more clearly on Prozac. I'm afraid I wont get this same result with Serzone, what are your thoughts? I had the problem of being fatigued and tired on Prozac, is this gonna be worse on Serzone? (especially if I end up combing it with Prozac) Will Serzone work like the Trazadone that I took with Prozac or will I still need to take Trazadone in addition to the Serzone and Prozac to fall asleep and sleep through the night? All the info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I can't praise Dr. Bob enough for having the most helpful, most informative and for my money - "The best site on the Web." Thanks in advance for all responses!




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