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Re: the real issue / please help

Posted by Gringo on April 22, 1999, at 5:34:48

In reply to Re: the real issue / please help, posted by mary on April 15, 1999, at 20:28:56

> i didn't understand that last comment. Was it for real or sarcasm.
> Mary

Ask for psychedelic therapy...

> > All the best.

Sorry for that, I realized that it could sound like that later. But I've meant it seriously. A man asking for new meds which do not cause weight gain is a brilliant example of how diseases and disorders are understood in western society. I do not want to cause some 'strong word fights' here as words really cannot bring people together, at least not now. Shortly: mental disorders in most cases can be understood not as a serious illness which needs to be treated by meds but, the other way around, as an attempt of a human organism to heal itself. By getting ill it's trying to get well, as this is mostly about 'cleaning process'. For many reasons we think the worse the symptoms are the worse the illness is, but it's the worse the symptoms are the closer to the solution the process is, of course, not in every case. By relying on meds and shallow psychotherapy we only do suppress the whole process and then if the meds 'kick in' we're satysfied because at least we can function in life, though quite miserably. And more, meds have got lots of side effects, like weight gain, for example. I think you should be fully aware now that western pharmacological industry and shallow psychothepray are dead end street. We all posses a deep inner healing mechanism within us, it's necessary not to suppress it but to use it. I know how many of you would react now: "Hey man, you cannot even imagine how desperatly I feel... and these meds keep me at least going on...". I can imagine that, especially after I've read many threads here now and before. I know it's difficlut to function in society under such conditions, but what this socity really needs are centers for helping people like you, where you'd be guided to work through this process. But that involves interest and will, to go deep within and to face sometimes really nasty things. Psychedelics, though some of you already said these are dangerous drugs (which is ridiculous to say) because of the lack of information, bears the greatest potential to put you on 'revealing journey to yourselves'. There are non-drug techiques but psychedelics have the greatest potential. Attention: I am speaking of guided psychedelic therapy not dropping some psychedelic substance right now on your own! I've written this 'Ask for psychedelic therapy' because it's you who must ask for it and, as was said here before, to question your authorities. There's too many influencies and interests of too many parties in this pharmacological industry, therefore, there's a strong need to maintain 'status quo' which is good only for the whole industry projecting a $10 billion market in '90s and for those who need to ask yet for more money for research of 'where in the heck does that depression comes from?' reasons which involves digging in brains and developing more theories of brain's chemical imbalance. We need a new understanding of psychological illnesses, which is arising, but will be not accepted as long as you 'love' your meds. That's why I said it and in no way I meant it like a sarcasm. We need more info, because information rule these days, the more you know the less you can be mislead.

Wish all the best and don't let go, help is on the way (when it arrives depends mostly on you - customers)





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