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Re: It's NOT possible for one's who really are ill

Posted by Janice on December 5, 1998, at 22:33:58

In reply to Re: It's NOT possible for one's who really are ill, posted by Nancy on December 5, 1998, at 16:36:00

> Janey,
> Do you really believe people with a physical illness like Manic-Depression "crash" out of choice???
Janey only spoke of her own experience with unipolar depression. She made that clear. She wasn't talking a manic depression.

One day, they just get sick and tired of being beautiful, wealthy and successful. So, they decide to have a chemical imbalance as an excuse to dismantle their lives and careers. It's not enough to just feel miserable. They want to be completely, physically incapacited; unable to just lift even an arm off the bed or to open the eyes for days at a time. A time where the body is shut down so far that going to the bathroom is no longer a bodily function. Oh. Sorry. They are CHOOSING to not have this physical function, because they just WANT to CRASH, right, Janey!
People come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. There are high functioning manic depressives, low functioning manic depressives. Some manic depressives are able to have careers, sex, just depends on the severity of the illness. Because high functioning manic depressives are able to function does that mean that they are not really ill? I don't think so.

> Are you always arrogant and self-righteous, or did you not think coherently and logically before you made such callous and preposterous comments.
Janey was only relating her experience with unipolar depression. I don't think she was making a blanket statement for all people with mood disorders. I admire Janey for fighting back against her depression, for doing the best she can with what she has to deal with. Mental illness is not an excuse for not trying; everyone can do something, make some type of contribution. Nancy, what are you doing with your life? I don't think Janey was being arrogant or callous; I think she was just relating to us what she has chosen to do, and she wasn't passing judgment on others who aren't willling or can't do the same.
> The Mad Scientist,
> Nancy
> > Nancy,
> > During the worst of my depression (which is
> > revisiting itself now), I was in a day treatment
> > program at a hospital, and getting up everyday was
> > a struggle, but it was either that or be an inpatient.
> > something I NEVER EVER want to do or be again.
> > I have had sex since my depression came on, but
> > with an "old" friend, I'm not ready for a "relationship"
> > yet, whatever the heck that word means anymore.
> > It was nice to see that the parts still worked.
> > If I don't work, I don't eat, have a home, have my
> > pets, and so on. For the past three weeks it's been
> > all I can do to go to work. I was almost grateful
> > for the intestinal virus I have had this week so
> > I had a "real" excuse not to face the world. I
> > have no one to depend on, no one to "let" me crash
> > and burn. The idea of going on public assistance
> > is abhorent to me.
> > It's possible to have a life with this disease.
> > I'm of the unipolar depression variety. I am
> > living though, and I'm getting along. I see my
> > doctor, and I'm doing my "mood logs" again.
> > I take my medicine, I meditate and I pray. I cry
> > and I laugh. I bleed and I heal. I have to.
> > janey




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