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Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on September 18, 2009, at 20:26:45

I'm begining to study the aspect's of myself so that I can understand the aspect's why I do things, and make a better plan to be successful. I do not, want to intend to start something off, then have a fluute out and nothing happens, that's happened in the past.

When making Desisn: I can make immidate thoughts/ or something i'm insecure about i will hesitate about it because of fear of failure. The fear of success is a fear because it if requires change in thought patterns, and i don't know how to change some belief systems I have. That's the fear, and the truth.

What time do I activate: 7:00pm, in writing indepth articles, yet I do not have a degree in Journalism, I'm sure i could pass, and get it. Using anxiety and logical thinking put things together for me, dexedrine spansule usage causes more "mid-day" activation. I'm natrually not a mid-day person. Dusk/Night person, the day depresses me.

Putting things off: Procrastination, i did this in high school. The aspect's are avoiding doing something that causes sytenomous thought process that are easier for other's, yet it can still be done.

Belief Systems: all have a format of system of thought, and a result of the pattern that you think. Changing thought processes in my mind, would get things changing in life. Changing how you see yourself, will change a bit how you see yourself inside. Belief systems vary.

Speed: I'm a fast, then a slow person. There are periods during the day when I slow down, basically a lethartic thinking, and everything seems like Lithium, (note that's how the substance causes you to see life, blunted, that's my opinion, it rid's the ideas of life, and just causes a stablization of daily routines. If you have none, you are depressed, or "Lithizied" (meaning in my term, sluggish, apathic)

Idea's: you can reback track thoughts it by using a memory of what you where thinking about (picture, feeling, object) when you where processing the thought.

Ambition: I wanted to be a news reporter when i was younger, later a writer, then a lawyer, that's not my thing. Being an actor and a writer, is the best ambition I can do, or provide. I burn out, just like anyone else does, then reburn back.

What Am I afraid of right now: I'm thinking about if I can sustain, long periods of writing something to bring it life, and going day after day having pessimism feelings about life. I may fall off the wagon, and have to start over: and this means that this had no validity to writing this. Yet the ambition to do it, I want to give it try. Writing get's anxiety off my hand, all worry about artheritus later.

One thing i'm thinking now, I've written articles in the past, they where good the only source that was depleting in them was "sources", where is the infomation, because false info...not valid.


This one is to me in the future...

Where can I review, publishing sites? do they pay?
are they for sport? anyone?





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