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Dr. BOB Dr. Bob Dr. Bob Dr. Bob

Posted by susan47 on August 29, 2009, at 14:16:49

In reply to Terrified, posted by susan47 on August 28, 2009, at 22:42:00

You seem to have gone on holiday. You expect everyone to read the Administration Page perhaps, where people have their little politics happening ... but we don't all do that, we don't all have the patience for that sort of crap.
I remember the picture that was posted here on Babble a while ago.
It is time to print everything I have. It is triggering to come here.
I will start my own Blog, and then I can vent and be furious with the Institution elsewhere.
Because you, Dr. Bob, are part of that cog of power that turns for those With Power. You are part of the mind-numbing complacency of an organization that knows how to protect its Own.
What my ex-therapist did to me shouldn't happen to an animal; most of us wouldn't treat a dog the way my ex-therapist treated me.
And I am very, very sure, because I went into a psychosis, a state of psychosis for several years in fact, until I was hospitalized ... that this would be not proof of what he did to me, what he MORE than allowed to happen to me, but rather, used against me. There is no person, no judge, without a bias. And I have no evidence that the College of Physicians and Surgeons, or whichever regulatory body looks after its own psychologists here in b.c. ... I have no evidence that the regulatory body which would be concerned in a matter of this nature, would treat it in an unbiased fashion. Because every professional must be aware of his/her weaknesses. And quite frankly Dr. Bob, I have seen more than a few of these professionals in my time, and been able to accurately determine their natures ... by and large, very Proud but also a bit mindless as to the damage they can inflict by being dishonest, or a bit blustering, and definitely, quite often, judgemental, misunderstanding or misjudging, blundering at times ... and making mistakes ... and those who Know they've made mistakes and cannot talk to their patients about these mistakes and cannot talk to a patient about the transference process, and why therapy is important, and why this needs to be worked out .. and I'm very sure that psychologists and psychiatrists are unjustifiably afraid of people with borderline tendencies .. and borderline tendencies can actually be CREATED by the therapy process and by drugs or alcohol.
People make mistakes, and there will be sympathy for those of their kind who have also made mistakes and lived with the consequences ... the hell the patient has lived through in all the years will be, in just the correct language, the proper tone, nullified, and the patient's symptomatic behaviour during this time will be a vehicle by which a self-regulating body may condemn the already condemned, tortured, and traumatized, ex-patient.
I have no illusions, but I suspect that you do.




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