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What it is

Posted by susan47 on August 29, 2009, at 14:04:21

The united states as a collaborative entity, that is a thinking mind of its own, comprised of every low and high-level politician, every national and multinational and corporation, every soldier-peon, military scientist, military body, every publicly funded oil and gas company and dealer and murderer, every mercenary, every self-regulating body, every investigation agency ... is there none or so few that are not part of the collaborative mind of the united states, from the presidential body to the supreme court, is there nothing and no one who will save us all from becoming indentured servants to this mass man-made entity, this bully of others.
Because of their military might and their indifference in the face of the suffering of others, this "homeland", this country called the united states of america, is going to continue to use the world to the very last breath.
Anyone who doesn't see this happening in their own backyard, isn't really really paying attention.
Because ever more quickly now, Canada itself is becoming more and more the indentured servitude, because canada herself has corruption in her core ministries, levels of government ...
the citizens of the "homeland" of the united states read what privately-owned media prints ... the citizens of the "homeland" of the united states sign deals with major oil corporations that allows them to extract huge cash bonuses from the rape and pillage of the countryside of the state of Alaska, in return for the poisoning of their food, (and ours) and their water (and ours) and their soil (and ours) ... in return for this poisoning of the land, and a complicitly blind eye to this, they are paid huge cash bonuses .. and who knows what their ex-governor was paid ... I am interested in how long it will take for the upper middle-class to suffer the effects of the poisoned earth, how much death and dying, first of the natural world, then of the native world, then the lower-class white world, then the middle-class white world, then the upper-class world, period.
How much cash we are paid, how nice our holidays are or the cars we drive, all this will pale in the living experience of being poisoned to death by an environment created by greed ... will there be suicidal behaviour when the blood money extracted from the land becomes psychologically too much for people to bear? Will their bodies turn on them in a case of mass hysteria-induced cancers? Or will the environment be the one to give people ever quicker-growing and developing and mutating tissue growths, what we call cancers? I suspect a little of both.
I don't believe man was made to be sold out like this. But apparently, we are.
We are because there is always the threat of complete annihilation bynot just one mass collaborative military survivalist-minded entity, but several.
There are pockets of this everywhere, in everything that is tainted by power.




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