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Re: pics

Posted by alexandra_k on June 25, 2022, at 9:00:11

In reply to Re: pics, posted by alexandra_k on June 25, 2022, at 8:01:02

I mean, seriously, with the whole 'being humble' thing...

I accept accommodation in Salmond College rather than Knox...

Partly because I have an ensuite bathroom at Salmond and I don't trust shared bathrooms in these days of people having mobile phones and using mirrors and so on...

I mean, c'mon, let's face it, people think it is something to do.. Taking pictures or filming people in shared bathroom spaces..

So, it turns out that there were a variety of set ups with the accommodation at Knox and there are, basically, individual bathrooms, available...

But the fact that the big name (woot woot) wasn't important to me...

Being humble...

Means oh yeah I lose the great competition of life because it's sooooooo competitive.

It's soooooooo cmopetitive in New Zealand that abortion is A okay.

And so is infantacide for that matter.

Murder someone -- well that's likely okay, too. Maybe a little home detention.

No right to education.. No right to health.

New Zealand prevented and prohibited a lot of pregnant women from coming home to NZL due to covid restriction.

Will the foreign countries sue the NZL governmetn for hte cost of raising teh kid as a citizen of there?

Will the US sue the NZL government for any kids born in the US (therefore US citizens) becuase the NZL government f*cked up the whole lockdown thing (unlawfully)?

I mean...

The benefits yuo get as an in-state citizen in the USA...

How much do those cost?

And the NZL government is liable because they unlawfully prevented NZL citizen women from going back to NZL to give birth to a NZL baby that would happily have been aborted by the NZL government.

I mean..

The value of a life in NZL...

Is so little / so low... That's how come we are happy happy happy to aborth them so. Not educate them. Not provide healthcare. No job for them. Euthanasia ho!!!




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