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bittersweet memories

Posted by rjlockhart37 on June 19, 2022, at 21:19:25

my cat were going to have to put her to sleep, she' all started with her weezing, it wasnt anything serious but it started happening more and more, but i don't it was weezing she would sound like she coughted. Then we took her to the vet, they took an xray of her lungs and said there was abnormalies but nothing serious. We then were given medicine to shoot in mouth, it's a squirter, you squirt it in their mouth. The medication did nothing, and then her breathing started happening, she started having to breathe hardly, or labored breathing. Now it has gotten so bad that she's has to pant. From my personal view, it was the medicine they gave us. It caused temporary blindness, When we squirted it in her mouth, she could of breathed it in. And then that wehn the breathing got bad, its bad to the point now that she's panting. We're either going to put her to sleep, or let her pass away here at home. This is ... the reason i'm posting is because this pain and regret, of even taking her to the vet and giving her medicine that made it worse. I am such pained right now, she's been here for 15 years, she was doing perfect 2 months ago. There was no symptoms nothing, it all happened at once. I rerember all the times she's been here, the fun times, the sad times, the important time, and i never knew that this could happen so fast, causing this breathing failure. I don't know who reads, i'm in pained, because ... all of it, it happened so fast, it was like a shock. 2 months ago she was converising and having fun around the house. I just am so hurt, and so pained, and remorsed, i never knew she would go like this. All the times in the 2010s she lived, and brought so much life to the house, as even a family member. I keep the pain but it's in my chest were heart is, and it radiates in hurt, and completly like you lost someone in a car accident. I know an animal is not equvilant to a human, but she was a human, she talked with her meow, she watched tv with us, she talked to us in her kitty langualge. She would be around when we opening presents for christmas. I'm going through memories and rerember the best of them. Anyway, i just had to write this, thank you for reading. End of log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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