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Re: the extent of the problem in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2022, at 8:48:33

In reply to the extent of the problem in nz, posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2022, at 8:35:37

the universities don't function.
the judiciary doesn't function.

they order criminals (sometimes) home detention. that's not punishment for a crime, that's a covid restriction.

they put people in prison for policital dissent. they put people in prison who protested government mandates.

they give pedophiles murderers and rapists home detention.

the police don't function.

they think they get to pick out the bullies they don't like and get the judge (if the judge is any good) to agree to measures to disable whoever the police want disabled. that seems to be what the police think is the fucntion of the courts. they think they know because they are on the streets and they see and they know.

they don't accept 'innocent until lproven guilty'. they don't do any of the things they are supposed to do. miranda rights. chain of evidence. they don't train them to do proper paperwork. the papers used to say who did what (whether it was a murder or natural causes) before autopsy. now they hold off on that a little.. but they still say things like the police having one suspect in custody and they aren't looking at or for anybody else. it is like they watch tv and go 'how can we do everything we aren't supposed to do and none of the things wer are supposed to do' just because -- we can!!!

that's the administration. throwing their weight around because they can!!!

the judges...

the adminsitration at the universities (what are you going to do about us keeping false transcripts and billings that don't add up)!!!!

there's nothing here

certainly not a health system.

the buildings arenn'tn fit for purpose.
but even if they were they don't hire staff. they jsut force student slaves to have fun raping and pillaging and so on all the victims who dare present for help.

the people still don't get it. all of the tax money for the government and none of the social services.


i completed a 120 point research MPhil with the university of waikato in 2018.

they were required to get it to external examiners - and they unlawfully refused (misuse of an official document - my thesis submission).

the police won't prosecute because the function of police is to tend to the speak of the house's lawn. they are too busy doing that to attend to people's problems eg home violence from forced lockdowns that make it hard for people to get awy and have some peresonal space. and they don't train them to do paperwork. they prevent and prohibit them from filing proper paperwork. i'm sure. i'm sure they do. i'm sure they ensure that anybody who isn't corrupt is bullied out of the force pretty darn quickly. i would imagine.

finally they did send one to examiners. the university calendar regulations are clear that the thesis need to be returned to the candidate for the university to be justified requiring the student reenrol for 6 months more time. the externals refused to return teh thesis. that indicates they were not justified in forcing me to keep working.

the univeristy sent it out to be examined for the wrong qualification. PhD rather than MPhil. to try and force the examiners into saying I needed to keep working.

they didn't do anhy of the things they were supopsed to do. their primary function is research and they refuse to allow research to be done.

they are not a university. they are a slave indentured servant or whatever prison or detention camp.

there's nothing there. they refuse to allow there to be.

studnets learn despite or in spite of them. not because of them.

i did my work on time.

it's done.

auckland, then, was required to process my application for medicine, same as everybody else. they refuse.

because they aren't selecting candidates on the basis of their GPA / UMAT or UCAT / interview score. that's a phoney marketing fake scam. they aren't offering enrolment to the students ranked rightest. they are offering enrolments to studnets on the basis of other things. and they are throwing away applications from studnets they have decided they don't want.

like me.

they don't want me.

we don't really have any medications. or any paid doctors. it used to be all about chlorpormazine. old generation antipsychotics. because theya re cheap and incapacitating. but now they are using anasthetic. horse tranquiliser. lsd, even. because they are cheap.

they aren't even trying to help people.

but that's because the government doesn't want to help people. it wants most of them to die. nasty bruitsh and short little lives. put to some kind of use.. pedophilia mostlikely. then when it's time to pay them it'st ime for them to die.

there' snothing here.




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