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the extent of the problem in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2022, at 8:35:37

it is becoming more and more apparent the extent of the problem.

generally, they won't pay the workers, in new zealand. they just won't do it. i mean.. you see the amount in your bank account and it is less than it is supposed to be. what are you going to do about it? and it turns out there isn't anything you can do about it, really, except leave. of course. just walk away.

so... do the work... then walk away.

hahahhahahaha they don't care. they just replace one year with another year with another year with another year.

they were staffing the schools with a combination of students employed before they graduate (so that means the university won't graduate them. it will fail them for the last course they had or else refuse to accept evidence of their degree completion) and it won't pay them.

also migrant workers. come here and work.. by the time you realise they won't pay you.. won't acknowledge your qualifications. won't pay you.

well then leave, then. replace you with new migrant workers. new students. they graduate them (haha) 2 x per year -- right?

they cry cry cry cry cry that they don't have enough teachers. but they get more than 2 applications for every place -- and they only need 1 teacher. why would it be so f*ck*ng bad if there was 1 teacher applying for 1 place. i mean ffs. what is the aim the point the purpose the goal? to ensure that.. how many teachers are unemployed and out of work?

doing anyting anything anything anything anything just to get by.

that's what it's really about. it's really about that.

and that's what they are doing all over the show.

apparently something something about the UN and minimum standards. on wages and the like. working conditions.

but the thing is that they aren't empoying workers. they are saying they are temporary contractors or casual staff or whatever.


in hospitality there's something about them needing to give you a break every however many hours you work. so what htey will intentionally do is make your shifts only the number of hours for you to have a break. they won't pay you to take a break. they'll have a shift change instead. just nasty things just being nasty. that's how nasty things are here. they say it's about management 'efficiency' and theres always a few people earning top dollar for figuring how to flog the workers that bit harder.

they don't staff the universities, either. not really. they use student slaves to do it. they won't sign the studnet slaves off becuase then they would need to pay tehm and they won't pay them. so. .

hell... they'll say they don't acknowlege any of their qualificiations so they will be forced to start over else... else they will not have enojugh money to pay rent.

that' show we keep the sheeple. the sheep. the animals.

we don't have people in nz. i don't see any. i don't see any people.

apparently the social security authority, now, gets to have a hearing of how they aren't going to give me an advance benefit payment so i can pay the court costs that have been ordered to pay else my cases are deemed forced abandoned or aborted by the courts.

they will say it would be irresponsible of them to lend me the money since the supreme court judges have agrees that there doesn't seem to be any prospects for me to succeed. basically.. theres some kind of category error where the courts are unwilling or unable to accept evidence of a crime or evidence of contrary to statute. unwilling or unable to parse the statutes.

so the effect of this is...

the government can treat the people however they want. including refusing to acknowledge their qualifications. refusing to pubically advertise jobs or training. refusing to progress jobs or training. refusing to pay people for jobs or training. refusing to graduate. the government can simplly withhhold wages or enough moeny for people to live (the government is the major employer)

the people complain?? what are you going ot do about it??

you can't get a lawyer to help you articulate their wrongs or their crimes. they won't allow you to have one. no lawyer will represent you -- they don't allow you to have money -- right?

and then the courts order you to pay security for costs else your cases are abandoned. they write about how the cases lack merits and so on. they are just being bullies.

it is blatently obviou sthat the courts are being bullies.

the education act of NZ is clear about various things and the universities of nz refuse to act in accordance with the statute and the courts of nz refuse to uphold the education act. they won't do it.

we don't have universities. we have slave or detention camps. there's nothing here. there's no training program. there's just detention camp. where you pay the university and hand over work and so on... and they don't pay you. they don't even give you your qualifications when it is time for htem to do that. they are bullying abusers.

where are the theses? it is supposed to be a feature of university (it is in the education act) that universities primary function is research. so, then, where is the research? where are all the theses that the students wrote? the theses should have the duration of enrolment on them that the student was enrolled for so you can see how long they slaved on it. where are the theses?

what's that?

there aren't any???





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