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Re: hipkins wasn't being funny...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 19:54:33

In reply to Re: hipkins wasn't being funny..., posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 19:39:39

They give them saline rather than vaccine. And sell the vaccine to the highest bidder.

The manufacturers know that this is what happens in developing nations like New Zealand.

Apparently the online sign up form says our group 1 people were required to sign a paper informed consent form before everything moved online.

That means we have the DHB members signing to say they were group 1. Signing and dating that they were giving their informed consent to take a Covid Vaccine for themselves as part of group 1. Hand-signed. Paper forms.

I wonder where those forms are now?

I wonder who has them. Scanned into computer systems, of course, so we know who those people are. Then we have their contact tracing stuff to know whether they were front-line workers or whether they were taking from the public to further advantage themselves.

I suppose they think they are destroyed... And about now they are rolling up for their booster shots saying they were never vaccinated previously... Thinking there is no record or that it has been destroyed...

Or maybe they go on this special list of psychopathic people so all the corrupt institutions around the world can ship them about... So they can oppress a population over here... Go prevent a little development over there...

New Zealand intentionally hired some guy who was responsible for doing awful things to kids in the Australian detention facilities. Hired him to work in the child detention facilities of New Zealand.

I guess NZ is the sink-hole for the garbage of the world... If you put a bottle in the ocean in the northern hemisphere.. The way the currents work... Is you end up in NZ. The path of least resistance. That's the skill involved in navigating to here.

The issue, really, is getting out.

Our schools don't work anymore because that was a route out. The NCEA content is designed to ruin the kids for various things overseas... Our entire testing system. We have delayed NCEA examinations, again, this year. So that the kids who were working to a deadline are duly punished. So that the things who needed an extension... Well... Those are the kids we most value. Get them working for the court of appeal -- right? Just one more extension on the 'security for costs' $14,000 +++ that you are supposed to pay us to have it heard by the courts that the University of Auckland refuses to comply with teh Education ACt of NZ. Refuses to enrol studnets who are eligible and ranked highly enough on their objective selction criterion (GPA, UMAT / UCAT / interview) in Medicine.

No... We needed you to have failed the ethics test. We needed you to have been given the answers (pay to win) on your GPA. We needed you to have paid for 'extra help' tutoring for the UMAT / UCAT and we needed you to babble nonsense words and be all wide-eyed and.. Ingratiating... 'Anything you say sir of yes of course I'll do anything anything anything at all' on interview.

Because that's how we ensure our people live nasty bruitish and short lives. I suppose people like to be lord and master over keeping things nasty like that. Like those people who hoard cats living in their own excrement riddled with worms or whatever. We can just call that the 'kiwi way'.

Hurry up court of appeal. No new jury trials. Working from home... So many business as usual cases not being heard. Northern hemistphere funders pulling the funding. Freeing up the courts time...

Hurry up..




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