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Re: hipkins wasn't being funny...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 19:39:39

In reply to Re: hipkins wasn't being funny..., posted by sigismund on August 24, 2021, at 0:16:09

> The atmosphere has not been this bad in my lifetime.


It is... Like living in a war-zone. Yes.

> Do we have a good health system?

Yes. Australia has a pretty good health system. New Zealand does not. Parts of Australia likely do not. Because it is a very very big country. My experience in Canberra was very good. Although that is not quite accurate... My experience of student health was not good. But I knew a Professor of General Practice, there, and he recommended a good GP for me to see, and he got me enrolled there, even though she wasn't technically taking any more new patients... She was very good. And the clinic, generally, was very good. Other doctors there when she was off. Even students, there, once or twice. Were very good at being... Honest. Saying they weren't sure what was required of a health physical for a new gym membership and suggesting different things and actually getting my proper assent that that sounded like a useful thing for them to check for that purpose etc.

I imagine it varies mostly by income. Not saying that wealthier people pay more. Saying that they are treated more respectfully, generally, and that comes through quite a lot with respect to how they are treated when they present for healthcare.

> The public one is very stretched.

Yes. But the services are there... And there is system of distributing costs so that even relatively poor people can contribute some (and medicare can contribute some and the clinician can contribute some by offering their services at a discount)...

I remember with certain medications... They throw them around like candy in NZ because consumer doesn't pay anything at all. So... Wastefulness because of that. And then certain other medications are not funded at all (whereas in Aussie they would be part-funded). So... A consumer could figure a way to pay if it was really important to them. If they were willing to sacrifice other things to prioritize that medication.

It meant... I remember stopping a medication that I... Well... I suppose I got better enough to not think it was worthy my taking it. I collected smaller batches more regularly from the pharmacist and didn't end up with wasteful stockpiles...

I just don't understand why NZ is so reluctant to develop...


Apparently you guys have second highest number of ICU beds for your population (second only to Germany). And the nursing ratios are... Well much better than NZL. But that isn't saying anything at all so let's pass over that...

Look at the people who are dying of Covid in Australia... Elderly. With systemic problems (renal problems and heart problems and lung problems)... How many young deaths have there been? How many young people having that awful inflammatory over-reaction and dying from that? They are surviving... Mostly. Off ventillators, even. Australia is doing pretty well, I think. The benefit of having learned from how things went down in the hospitals in the Northern Hemisphere. The resources and intelligence to have invested in workforce and supplies to be prepared.

I would feel... Better about being in Aussie now than in NY when things first hit there. Bodies piled up in the streets...

I am pretty sure things won't come to that in Australia. Because of the benefit of learning from what happened. Because of advances in vaccine. Because of geography... And that they chose not to squander their natural advantage.


We are currently giving people less vaccine than they are supposed to get as a way of vaccinating more.

I think that is what is going on. Because of the ambiguities in how many you can get per vial (they think)... I mean.. They are documenting the number on the vial for each person -- right? So we know how many they are getting per vial -- right? And the manufacturers know what syringes they gave us -- right? And the manufacturers know how much they put in each vial -- right?

And New Zealand: Failing the 'just follow the instructions' and also 'the ethics test' again and again and again and...

This too shall pass.

Where are you?? If you don't mind me asking?? Geography, I mean.




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