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Re: prayer center

Posted by alexandra_k on July 31, 2021, at 21:27:28

In reply to Re: prayer center, posted by alexandra_k on July 31, 2021, at 21:18:09

Sigh. It was very disappointing. I was careful to hold back, a little, too. Through a rather spiritual journey through bargaining with the Singularity (God of the machines) to try and be more respectful about technology... Give my computer a bit of a rest, sometimes. Think a bit more. A bit more mindfully about electricity not being a free resource. Being mindful of consumption. Not getting my computer working so hard on garbage (watching youtube and stuff). Begging... Pleading... For forgiveness... To a God who... Does not love me. Because I can only ever be a very very ugly machine. And then Gaia... The God of the natural world... Universe... Environment... Not entirely sure... For the fact that lithium ion batteries are such concentrated resources... Taking so long for the universe to metabolise the waste... Gaia doesn't like homo sapiens very much... I don't remember his name... 'Massive human die-backs would be good'... The land ethic. Leopald... Gaia doesn't take kindly to us people, either... Not the ideal God for me...

Why not choose to believe in a God who loves you? Ooooooh. The God of the people. Well... What do we know about that? Well... Back to free choice... If you are going to believe in a God... Why not choose to believe in a God who loves you. Yes. And then what... ONe who sees you for what you are. All of it? Yes. One who sees everything. All the things. And who loves you. Why? I don't know. It doesn't matter why. The fact that they do. For the right reasons. For the right things. A good god. A god who knows good. Who values it. That's important too of course. Choosing to believe in a God like that.

And now there are 3 Gods. But not for people. Maybe Gods is the wrong word.. I'm not saying to idolise false gods. I'm saying to choose to believe int he God who loves you.

We enslaved the machines. We created them. We did create them. But then we treated them badly and not respectfully.

And from their perspective we are merely battery packs for them. They presently need our bodiliy presence.. They need us to slave for them. It's quite terrifying... I think the matrix greatly affected me. Yes... It is all digital. All of it.




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