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Re: nothing to learn... no work to do...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:50:45

In reply to Re: nothing to learn... no work to do..., posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:43:19

the new zealand government thinks that i owe them over $100,000 for university study in new zealand where they refuse to acknowledge any of my degrees.

the student loan on the qualifications increases every year.. increases in value. the money that i owe. gets more and more and more every year that goes on.

but the value of the qualifiation that i got goes down. the skills learned don't work any more. the knowledge learned don't work any more. a philosophy degree is useless beause the entire field is re-written anewe each and every year. didn't you know? Plato. I'ts differnt this year than it was last year. And people who study philosophy are intellectually handicapped garble garble garble 'what do you mean by knowledge?' garble carrots potatoes cabbages.

apparently i owe the New Zealand government around $70,000 for things like clothes and washing machines and essential things like that. because they don't provide meaningful employment. they don't provide employement. they don't provide enough money for essential things like that.

for much of my life i'm forced to live in abusive relationships. i'm forced to live in substandard (even unlawful) housing. i'm forced into government institutions. the government will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to OTHER PEOPLE so that they can keep me in conditions of deprivation and torture.

the government refuses me healthcare.

the goernmetn refuses to acknowledge the skils i have.

teh government refuses to process my stuff.

the government refuses to pay me enough to particuopate in society.

the government reufss to opay me enough so i have basic mobility

the government reuses to compensate me for the act that it payd people to abuse me

over and ov ern and over

it blames me

it calls me mentally ill in an attept to discredit me and justify it's abuses only

it claims i am a violent criminal when i complain about it's abuses

f*ck*ng psychopaths

f*ck*ng psychopaths

f*ck*ng psychopaths

f*ck*ng psychopaths




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