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Posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 15:04:48

In reply to Re: nothing to learn... no work to do..., posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:50:45

for the 120 point 1 EFT 05 March 2018 MPhil Degree.

I wrote you a thesis.

I submitted it for examination.

The Statutory Law of New Zealand states that Univerities are required to allow studnets the academic freedom to work to international standards of scholarship.

The University Calendar Regualtions state that the outome of examination is to be based on reports of two out of three examiners (or three in the case of divergent outcomes).

The Univesity REFUSED to get the work to the examiners because of garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage.

I was 'too early'. I 'hadn't been working for long enough'. My supervisor didn't want me to submit my work yet becuase with all the holidays she'd taken that year she hadn't been as hands on with me as she wanted to be. So I'm expected to wait on her. To wait another year on year. To repeat the year because that's what she wants for me.

The Universtiy REFUSED to get the work to the examiners in violation of the Education Act.

I keep working for 2 weeks because -- what else am I supposed to do??

Then I get them aother thesis for examination.

Then they send it out with instructions that the external examiners write 'doctoral reports' of my 'masters thesis'. This is to force them to say 'in order for this 50,000 word masters thesis to be acceptable as a 100,000 word doctoral thesis changes to the substance are required'.

They sent it out with instructions that external examienrs examine it for the WRONG DEGREE.

The externals say changes to the substance are required.

The Univesrity regulations say that there are 2 outcomes of examination involving changes to the substance.

1 of the outcomes involves re-exaination and re-enrolment. But in this case 'the thesis will be returned to the candidate'. The examiners did not return the thesis to the candidate. I told the UNi they had no ground to force me to re-enrol because they did not return the thesis that they were couriered. The Uni asked them to return the thesis and the examiners refused. The examiners refused to do what they were required to do for the University to have grounds to force me to re-enrol and pay more fees.

The University says they can choose any outcome they want and if I don't pay them more money I will never get the Degree.

They charge more money to my studnet loan. The government pays the money to the Univesrity for refusing to give me the qualiafiation I had completed the requirements for.

I phoned the studnet loanpeople and told them NOT TO PAY THE UNI MORE MONEY. THEY WERE NOT ENTOTLED TO MORE FEES. They paid them anyway. It's on my studnet loan that apparently I signed a contract that the government should apy a NZ University any amount they charge the government. But I never applied to study MPHil with Waikato. I applied to study Medicine with Auckland only. The enrolled me in a progrmme I nevr applied to and they send me the bill.

They refuse to give me the degree I completed.

I made the changes to the substance as the examiners wanted.

The Univesrity refused to get the work back to examiners.

This is in 2018.

The internal complaints process is a waste of time. They say 'we don't see anything wrong with anything we do'. The Ombudsman is a waste of time. Teh courts appear to be a waste of time.

They delayed proceedings and it is now half way through 2021 and I don't have teh HIgh Court judgement yet.

Then court of appeal.

Then supreme court.

New Zealand is corrupt. You cannot do business with New Zealand. They take your money only.

They take your moey only

They take your money only

Look at the leaders. Look at the competence.

Look at the : Carrots cabbages potatoes.

Taniwha and no speakn English.

That's not what we meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan by genocide


We take hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to offer fake degrees in things like law and medicine and engineering where these qualifiations canot be recognised overseas because we refuse to sign off on all and only teh studnets who have met the requireents for the degrees.


I'ts out plan for holding hostages. Keeping slaves.

I'm sure they aren't paying surgeons 1 million per year for external contracts.

NOt unless they are hired killers.

Even then. They'll be laundreing the mone in to the government.

They won't be paying them.




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