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Re: and of course it's a good idea

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 22:33:36

In reply to Re: and of course it's a good idea, posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 22:25:05

apparently the surgeries and elective surgeries are able to continue on with the computer outage.

i suppose because they have the most well developed capaciaty to work from notes. paper notes. i think they still do a lot of that by hand, anyway. and they check and double check and triple check and re-re-ceck 'what procedure are you here for today.' and 'which leg would that be' and so on.

i imagine it's the ED / ER that is having a meltdown. and psychiatry.

where they rely on patient notes.

either the patient has some kind of letter of introduction from their GP or is in obviously a clear state of emergency (car accident or whatever) or...

they use the patient file notes to decide what kind of care (whether they get care) they will get. any psych histry and, you know, it's likely off to involutnary detention for them.

their file notes should have their past diagnoses and so on.

that's why ADHB treats me like garbage. because of that nurse who refused to let me see a doctor who would not get out of my face. so i punched her on the deltoid. a couple times. to get her to move away from me. so she thought about that.. and decided to go through security doors before sounding a duress alarm. telling police to arrest me for assault. so i was taken to the police station and strip searched and treated like i was complete garbage.

then they said.. oh. no priors. nothing. nothing at all. not so much as an unpaid parking fine.

and i was sort of... apologetically told that since she wa a agovernment worker and since she was insistant on laying charges that meant i wasn't eligible for diversion.

so now i have a criminal history.



appears on my file notes.

so if i ask the ADHB for help for anything

then they feel entitled to abuse me.

and of ocusre i don't get to do medicine.

for 50 million reasons including (most especially) their predelection for bullying raping child molesters.

we know they don't care about a criminal record when it suits them.




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