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and of course it's a good idea

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2021, at 18:49:13

to take the people like the ombudsman who took obscene salaries for themselves in exhange for them writing 'i don't see anything wrong with x' for all those cases... wasting a year. there's a pithy little phrase that you get out of an (any) ombudsman investigation. the outcome was already decided. your claim: kheihehgghkldjferjweio klfj s no speak-y english. no justice for yuo.

put those people in prison. for long enough... so they are internally or intrinsically motivated to work towards better living conditions for inmates. you know... if they want better living conditions for inmates.

get them working on rehabiliation into the community programmes. you know. if they want rehabilitation into the community programmes.


it's nothing they haven't been doing -- right?


trying to force people to labor by keeping them in conditions of deprivation.


like alex?




what crime did alex commit such that that was a just or fitting sentance for her?



scream teh dementors

the crime of her thinking that she was better than us. too good for us.

you mean the crime that you thought she was better than you?

that crime?

and you couldn't find anyone to help you sort that out (let's force alex to stay with us and work through it with us raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk scream the dementors. otherwise she deserves nothing at all raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk'.


and they don't care if she lives or dies.

i mean... it she doesn't want to stay with them forever being their little bitch...

waiting to claw what's hers out of their cold dead hands.

like they did -- right? to the generation before?

that's how they got their job?


how did they get their job, again?

who's their daddy.


but the inbreeding gets to teh point such that....

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk scream the inbreds




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