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Re: I purchased a n 95

Posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2020, at 3:21:32

In reply to Re: health and safety regulations of the world..., posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2020, at 2:48:37

It cost me fifteen bucks.

I am a beneficiary. I paid fifteen bucks for a N 95 mask...

In a time when it was *publically adversised* that District Health Board were the ONLY or SOLE purchaser of N 95 masks.

I looked out. On the news sources. For people to say 'our healthcare workers do not have enough. Who has one? Please donate to your local healthcare worker via this channel...'

There was no such message.

There was only the message: We have enough.

I see that healthcare workers (I live across teh road from the hospital in Auckland) are not wearing masks. Are wearing hospital uniforms on the streets (e.g., walking home).

Apparently in the media people are working with no masks...

Everytime someone agrees to work with no mask the district health board chief executive earn himself a promotion from hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

Who doesn't have enough masks???

They shame them

You are greedy.

Wants not needs.

The world is going to have to shut them down shut them down shut them down.

They refuse to engage in resonable restraint (halt in pay increase, pay cut to those earning execess of 100,000 dollars per year) in order to ensure the front-line workers have reasonable ppe.

Shut them down shut them down shut them down.

I should not feel guilty wearing a N 95 mask -- labelled as such. In public.

Because apparently: There is no shortage.

There is no shortage.

There is no shortage.

If there is something wrong with me wearing a N 95 mask that I purchased during a time when DHB's of NZ had priority purchase arrangements so they could meet the needs of their staff....

I could apparenty purchase because they had enough . Because their need was met...

So it's okay for me to purchase surpluss.

And when district health board workers walk down the streets with thier dangly id tags dangling about their groin in their hospital uniform and no face masks under level 3 (but they were also doing it under level 4) restrictions....


Shut them down. SHut them down. Shut them down.




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