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I was inocculated early

Posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2020, at 1:40:30

I am fairly sure.

Swimming in the harbor waters around the cruise ships.

Someone set up some cones so the people could to that. It cost me $7 to swin at the local swimming pool. I tried swimming in the harbor. It was surprisingly good.

Next time I brought my goggles.

But things did not seem good. I wondered if it was the tide... Lower tide than the time before. But things seemed. Sludgey. Hard to quantify. Disease ridden.

I get that a bit in public spaces around Auckland. Vapors I think they used to call it. Places that just don't... Feel right. That smelll a bit wrong.

Swampy bits, often. Because of ecoli and lack of sewerage treatment. In places around the road around the hospital. And by the harbor. Where it is easier / more convenient / more historic to pump the sludge to the harbor than to sewerage treatment...

You kind of wish that it was possible to invest in smart and intelligent and good kids who would develop the technologies... Science and manufacturing for things like sewerage treatment. Solar or wind power. Things like this. To help local communities not get sick drowning in sludge.

But no. Of course not. The money goes to trained monkeys pomping about in suits with fancy pink ties and trendy mostaches etc etc etc.

Sad face.

For all y'all autistic people out there who don't undersetand that battery farming studnets is the way to go for maximum profits.




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