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Re: phenelzine

Posted by alexandra_k on March 8, 2020, at 17:24:40

In reply to Re: phenelzine, posted by alexandra_k on March 8, 2020, at 15:26:51

Okay, so...

I really don't know very much about anything very much at all...

But my understanding of MAOI inhibitors was that they were a drug that worked very well indeed for some people. But not for ALL people. Because the drug seemed to work very well indeed for SOME people there was a tendancy to want to more widely prescribe it.

I heard that the real push towards curbing MAOI prescriptions was because of the number of people that would not / could not stick to the diet. And so, on a population level, prescribing the drug (over-prescribing the drug) did a buch more harm than good as people developed symptoms of toxic interactions.

There is also a push for there to be continuing cost savings. Instead of paying a fair price and keeping on paying the fair price people (particularly those working in charge of public health systems) continually try and drive down the bottom line. If they can get the 'same drug' (in some sense) more cheaply, then they feel that they are obliged to do this.

So manufacturing gets pushed off-shore. Often quality control isn't as good. We know this from food production and production of every other thing. Of course production of pharmaceuticals is going to go the same way. Cheap fillers. Not heating things to quite the temperatures they were supposed to be heated to. Whatever cost cutting corners that can be cut. NOt paying the wokers. Paying workers who are sick to turn up to work and produce medications. You get the idea. Not testing the quality control to make sure doses are standardised properly. Substituting in cheaper stabilisers and the like.

The thing about population health is that they always say that particular individuals can't have what they want / need because 'what if everybody wanted / needed the same thing - there isn't enough to go around. Only, it isn't the case that everybody wants / needs Nardil. They say individuals are supposed to take a hit for the good of the team. Only, what seems to happen actually as a matter of fact in practice is that every member of the team, the overall team as well, all of the people individually and as a group are actually expected to take a hit so the people in charge of the individuals and the group can further f*ck over both the indivduals and the group for their own petty whims and desires.

Only garbage falls out of their mouths. I called them on it: They don't talk to me, anymore.

What I mean to say: The manufacturer of Nardil is Canadian. They speak English in Canada. Try and write to the manufacturer and say Nardil has helped you (if it has) and you want to stay on it (if you do) and you are interested in continuing your supply of Nardil. Is there any way they can work with you to figure out what would be a fair price for you to continue taking that product? Figure out if it is worth it to you / what it is worth to you. See about it, I mean to say.

I suppose that is why National Health Systems like this whole idea of 'placebo'. If they can convince themselves that a medication isn't effective (if they can undermine efficacy by sourcing contaminated products more cheaply) then they can convince themselvs that they can have further pay rises for themselves instead of funding the product for the people it actually helps.


It has been interesting to read of the different States response to CoronaVirus in the US. It has been interesting to read of what is 'publically' available in different states. It is good for the US to be presenting itself in that way.


Trump said everyone would get tested... Eventually...


It's kind of... Beyond that.

My understanding of these kinds of tests is that people with the virus will test negative, and people without the virus will test positive. The test only tells you what was found in the patient and immediately after the test was taken who knows what will be found there now.

People will have the virus but the virus won't replicate in them in a manner that causes serious threat to them. They will be okay. And of course people die of other things, but the virus may be found in them on autopsy.

I don't know how many people of what ages typically die for each month of the year... I don't know if there is a change in the pattern globally or not. I don't know if we are simply blaming Coronavirus for the deaths that would have bene attiribued to other causes, before, is what I mean.


So... What's left? What else is there?


When did you last hear people saying about washing your hands?
About cleaning doorknobs?
About coughing into your elbow or shoulder and not your hands?
When did you last hear about keeping space between people (in lecture theatres and the like)?
When were you told to be mindful of touching your face from a health point of view?

Things are moving to people being allowed to work from home instead of being herded / forced into overcrowded communal spaces with people who don't know basic hygeine.

Education is moving to online. Studying for online exainations.

That will be objectively graded? One can only hope.


Brown. Those kids who were picked from High School to do an undergraduate Degree (largely ungraded) and then on to Medicine.

They have to sit the Step Exams.

They do.

Of course they have every advantage in terms of being taught how to as for informed consent and do a good physical examination. And high quality caring lecturers teaching... Chemistry and Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Ethics and History and Sociology and... All the things. Management. All the things.

But then they sit the exams.

And probably do badly and get to work in their parents clinic or whatever. But yeah.

It seems fairer to me then what we try and persuade ourself / convince ourself if good and proper and just, here.




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