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Re: too many leaders

Posted by alexandra_k on February 10, 2020, at 23:45:35

In reply to Re: too many leaders, posted by alexandra_k on February 10, 2020, at 23:33:21

I went to court and there was this court case and everyone was chillaxed like they could spend the rest of the lives doing what they were doing...

It was an appeal of the Tribunal, I guess. In other words, the government gave a bunch of money to a... Trust... A tibe. To be kept in trust. For reparation for past wrong or whatever. And so then, of course, everyone starts squabbling and bickering and in-fighting about what to do with the money.

I mean, the first thing is clear, you are going to need to appoint some people... To look after the money and to decide what to do with it. These people should be paid for their time. They are like, chief executives of the money, or whatever. SO they take their salaries. They have their cut.

But then other people want in.

And you have an 'oral people' apparently. So everybody spends their life engaging in politiking. Sucking up to the 'in' people and trying to get 'in' with the 'in' people. And then they say 'okay, you are in' and other people are 'out' because they werent' sucking up enough...

And sometimes people have hair brained schemes of what to do with the money.

ANd it seems to be the rule (rather than the exception) that they end up doing dodgey business and being screwed over. That's usually the way of it.

Anyway... Teh court case might have been about responsibility, or something. For some stupid business decision that some people made on behalf of the group when they didn't have the authority to do that... BEcause the in list (of beneficiaries) is official and you have to apply to change it. But they didn't seem to know that. And it takes time and money to change the list (to prevent people being too flippant about who is in and who is out)...

And the point is that it is just a big rabble.

A big rabble..

And these people are invested in keeping the rabble as rabble.

And collecting their salaries year after year after year....

ANd the bulk of the capital is spent on lawyers fees, I guess.

Paying for the judge to hear the case... To wax about what she might say if the law was this or that way or if the tribe had done this or that instead...

And you go...

All of that would be just fine... But there's people in that tribe who would like to be able to get on with doing somethign that would actually contribute to the development of NZ for the people of NZ. But they're likely starving in a classroom without a teacher (nobody who cares about teaching can function as a teacher in NZ)...

And the people in charge really don't seem to notice. Or care.




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