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too many leaders

Posted by alexandra_k on February 10, 2020, at 23:24:34

Everybody wants to be a leader in NZ. Because leadership is all about having all the money and all the power and none of the responsibility.
People don't have the cognitive capacity to grasp that leadership is about having duty of care.
They don't have the cognitive capacity to grasp duty of care.
They don't have the capacity to grasp 'informed consent'.
They don't have the capacity to grasp 'informed' (as opposed to manipulated into)
They don't have the capacity to grasp 'consent' (as opposed to forced)

We don't have many rules.
The rules we do have we don't enforce.
The 'unofficial rules' or the 'culture' is one of fearmongering and oppression.
We artificially construct things to be like that.
For example, we artificially crowd things.
If a lecture theatre has 4 entry / exit points we will close off 3 of them to create and artificial bottleneck or funnel to crowd things artificially.
We will timetable / schedule things so they are maximally crowded (and schedules will prevent people seeing that the majority of the time things are actually empty).
We will put 'art' about that place that is a shameless expression of power -- just because we can!

We won't spend government money on any of the things that we are supposed to to ratify anything.
We won't spend money on an Ombudsman to look into whether government agencies / employees are following their rules / regulations.
We won't employ competent queens council to prosecute and recover mis-spent government funds.
We won't do any of the things that we are supposed to do...
In order to fund our next pay increase.

And we will constantly cry 'poor poor poor us' on the world stage.

We will offer to supply milk powder to China.
We will not do the things we are supposed to do.
We will try and push up prices push up prices push up prices by way of spiking the product with contaminants. Not caring if they are toxic.
We will try and sell ESL qualifications. Promise to teach people to speak English.
Enrol them in University courses where the lecturers teach them nonsense and don't grade their work properly and pretend that the problem is that their English isn't good enough.


Much of the China investment seems to be withdrawing from NZ.

NZ did not support Hong Kong's independence.
The NZ Government did not support 'rule of law'.
They supported 'might is right'.

They don't want our dairy.
Less international students.

I don't know if that means less undergraduates or graduates or what.

Maybe they looked into completions.

We didn't offer them suitable accommodation -- where they could voluntarily self-isolate if they were sick.


I understand that good people cannot do business with us...

But our good people need to be able to get out.




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