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Re: Ombudsman of New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on November 18, 2019, at 17:00:53

In reply to Ombudsman of New Zealand, posted by alexandra_k on November 18, 2019, at 16:48:12

what we need to do with the education thing is to contract it out properly. by which i mean to say off-shore.

we didn't develop it, here. national standards or whatever. it isn't local standards. it is no standards at all. if everybody gets an A for Achieved and Achieved is the highest grade you can get and then if competent people are not allowed to Achieve since it makes everyone else or the whole f*ck*ng thing look bad then you end up with... What we have here. No education at all.

Fortunately we do have the internet. And fortunately there are wonderful websites like Khan Academy that offer good instruction where students can put headphones in and try and follow along even when people are noisy in their environment they can try and pretend to be just wasting time on social media and possibly potentially working towards learning something that would mean they could develop the capability to do things like design secure software systems, build sewerage systems or bridges or habitable homes, or whatever.

Make Cambridge Curriculum or whatever sorts of equivalent international standards study materials and examinations more accessible.

Stringent standards of blind grading and so on. A genine effort.

But I guess people are very invested in keeping slaves, really. And keeping people in appalling conditions approximating slavery. People seem to take special extra delight in keeping the most able and most competent underachieving and kicked down and back and not allowing them to contribute to development at all.


What will happen to me when I get sick?

Nobody will look after me. People will exploit me for their own advantage. I know it. Because that's how they treat me at the very best of times when I am in teh most robust of health.

So I need to look after myself. I need the resources to protect myself. I need the knowledge to make good decisions for myself. I need the resoureces to enforce those decisions for myself.

I am a great believer in informed consent. For peple who want information. I don't mind teaching. But teaching isn't valued here. We only hire teachers who want to 'teach' who don't really have anything to teach and then we don't pay them. They still go to work. We still don't pay them.

You learn that people will pay you for the privaledget of getting to abuse your kids.

So NZ gets more money.

People will pay DHB's too, I bet, for 'contracts' in healthcare. So they can control a bunch of people too sick to protect their own interests.

Things are very bad here.

I came back because I wanted to contribute to development. But people won't let me contribute.

They keep trying to force my contribution.

People don't listen. That's find.

YOu can say 'that cooking implement sheds toxic crap because it is so cheap it isn't fit for purpose the surface lifts off and contamminates all your food'. And people who are in charge of me are too stupid to see. Or psychopathic. Or whatever. And maybe they choose to buy those same things for thmeselves. And I suppose that is their right. And maybe tehy choose those same things for their families. Which is harder but... What are you gonna do? Or maybe they just decide that that's what makes them better than me. That they get to make me live in worse conditions than they live in. And maybe that gives their life some meaning and there is some satisfaction in that for them.

I'm supposed to write a story am I? While I live on disability becuase this country refuses to listen to what I say. Refuses to advertise jobs in things I am skilled in so I can earn a living wage. Refuses to allow me develop my talents and skills.

THe University engages in spamming as many fraudulent transcripts of my academic record as they can... THey are the biggest culpret of fraudulent transcript generation...

All this designed to... What..

What is it all for?

I was supposed to want to join them.

But if you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem.

I wonder if any part of this country at all wants there to be competent medical care here.

I mean...

Maybe teh will to die is just too engrained. All the way up.

People just want someoen to look them in the eyes and there there feel better and end it on their behalf.

Except Lucricia. She didn't want to go like that.

Which is why that was the only way she got to go.

Of course.




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