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Ombudsman of New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on November 18, 2019, at 16:48:12

Apparently the Universities do not need to follow their Calendar Regulations because they are 'historic' or 'administrative' but most importantly:

Because someone made a website that doesn't say who updated it, when it was updated, when it will next be updated... And that website is our highest source of law!


I know they are just trying to get me to (this is their words) 'stabotage herself'. That's right, they are trying to get me to do something so they can say I stabotaged myself. Why not? I mean, if you can get away with it... Why the hell wouldn't you?

I suppose it it clearer to me now...

The World Bank (or whomever. Something something about the Bank being a fund and the fund being a Bank) whomever whomever whomever basically gives us money.

By 'us' I mean the government.

The government doesn't know how to collect it itself. It doesn't collect it from private things here. It just gets foreign handouts.

And that money is supposed to be spent on development.

It is supposed to be spent on building infrastructure. It is supposed to be spent on education and health and so on...

And it doesn't go to the things it is supposed to go to. It only seems to go to people who make sure that other people don't get the things that they need.

I suppose it is something about being raised in conditions of deprivation. That you think that depriving others is the way forwards. That you don't think. That that is just what you do. There is an unthinking about it. I suppose that is where it is coming from, really.

There is also a self flagillation aspect.

There may also be a self-control issue. Punishment for self-infractions. Why people deprive themselves, sometimes, I mean, including those around them.


Done thinking. Overthinking.

I am afraid that they will matyr me. I will say that. I wont' kill myself. I am afraid they will require me to die for any kind of difference.

Lucricia died. Now that she is gone the law changes. She did not get to see it.

Some kid dies for I think 4 weeks without the University noticing he didn't hand in a compulsory piece of assessment, he didn't turn up to tutorials. A first year student just vanishes and the University doesn't notice at all.

So now, apparently the University can be fined. $100,000. For a life. I guess the real sanction is the loss of earnings from the fact they could have got him paying them that, again, in student fees over the next however long. That's a bit... Facecious.

The point is fiduciary duty was acknwoledged. I don't know that we had that concept before. At all. Maybe a little in the case of financial contracts or something... No... I don't think even there.

But he had to die for that to happen.

The reason we don't have any money is because the money doesn't get spent where it is supposed to be spent.

Who will grade all those student essays? All the money you took from enroling them, who will grade their work? And where will the grading positions be advertised? Will you seek the best person / teh most qualified person for the job? Or will you seek the cheapest? Will you even pay for them to attend lectures and do the readings so they have the same information the students do to grade their work?

How many do they grade in an hour?

What is your process?

What is your process?

They don't take their fees for first year anymore.

I guess the pretense is gone now.

It used to be the case that you could get a tertiary education in this country. I don't know that we have that anymore.

We choose not to spend the money on the things its supposed to be spent on.

We give chunks of it to this and that and pretty much anything and everything other than what its supposed to be spent on.

I have been wondering about whether all the raw product for methamphetamine production comes from. I suppose it must be appropriated medical supplies. I don't see how it could be much of anything else. ADHD meds. Used to be pseudoephidrne from cold and flu tablets.

This is why the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund or what ever cannot give us more money.

And since we don't educate / accredit people who are competent and so on we can't give them more advanced medications and treatments and so on either.

I mean... Who would presribe the cancer medication? The potential for harm would be too great. You don't even want them participating in clinical trials when they aren't taking it apprporiately / being prescribed it appropriately they will only make the drug look bad.

What a f*ck up.




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