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Re: whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 18:12:11

In reply to Re: whack a mole, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 18:00:57

it's all about this stupid thing of being the head of the hierarchy.

and this stupid idea that people have the medical doctors are the head of the hierarchy.

so if they kids of the tribal chief are to take up their places as medical doctors then this must be so in the name of equity. and the same thing goes for the criminals and vagrants who settled here however many generations ago...

and in a land with little to no regulation or accountability to follow regulation in action i suppose it is the case that medical doctors do whatever they want... with the help of the people they manage to surround themselves with, i suppose.

maybe allied health or maybe people get organised to anaesthetics and the like... but probably not.

there's too much infighting and squabbling always.

i do think it comes back to teh fact that people didn't get the mothering they needed. they require other people to regulate their emotions for them. they do not go away from other people in order to regulate their emotions for themselves. they are not able to hold an ideal in mind... the good of the patient or good outcomes for whatever procedure... it always becomes hijacked into making x or y or z (not the patient) feel better... in the moment... in some short term frontal lobes were hijacked by brute need that was not met... kind of a way.

and that's the basic situation.

and people cannot follow regulations. even when they might understand in some calmer place the reason for them. maybe. it's unclear. what i've seen people basically don't understand regulations.

people don't seem to know the job of government is to basically take this money the world bank gives it and create meaningful and sustainable jobs for the people. jobs being things that result in teh producign of goods and services that people value. not just a volume of crap that is inflicted upon people because they lack the resources to choose the things they actually like...

i genuinely do not understand why euthanasia is not legal. i know people say 'but then people will kill themselves and they might not otherwise and later they would be happy they didn't do that'.

but i don't buy it.

im 40 years old and i haven't really seen much reason to live...

the things that are meaninful to me. important to me. the things i work for. the things that i value.

people just sh*t all over it repeatedly.

will not listen to me.

i see how they rule....

they are interested only in the production of more... just like them.

to better inflict unhappiness and misery on people like me. that's what i see / how i feel about it.

i think each person should be able to decide for themself.

but of course people here don't have the basic idea / understanding of that that means.

our whole mantra: only treat the involuntary

the people in charge of here genuinely cannot tell / understandt he difference




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