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whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:09:57

The trouble with this country is that trying to do anything about corruption is like playing whack-a-mole.

People came through in a corrupt system and they now think it is their turn to inflict that corrupt system on the next generation.

There is thing about getting out... Getting out... Getting far away from here... If at all possible... The people here didn't get out. Weren't picked to go out. Or came back because they prefer it here, one can only suppose. Or, whatever.

The national feeling seems to be that I am good at something. I got out. I blew my opportunity. I'm back because I failed. So now they get to tell me that I'm useless at Philosophy after all. Not that I fell on my head, but that... What is anybody going to do about it?

The whole idea of philosophy is that the people who get to do it don't get to do anything else.

We don't believe in freedom to pursue your ends.

I thought Game of Thrones was good. I don't know why people didn't like it / found the last season unsatisfactory.

Maybe spoiler...

I was sick of the night walker stuff from the North. I wanted to see what would happen after that.

That seems about right.

And that is about right that the people who are good at things are reluctant because they understand the position as a responsibility.

I am sick of the corruption, here.

The corruption here that results in my being failed out of University in New ZEaland over and over and over and over and over precisely because they see I am a person with ability / potential / motivation and the like. Because they have decided to only further those who they like to Lord over. The kids who are too stupid to know they are incompetent or the kids who are good enough at sucking up / fearful enough to make them pretend they are rightful Lords and Masters.

Is there anything here??

I don't see it.

I don't see anything, at all.


This vast wasteland of nothing.

Rubbish heap of the world.


Time to stop sending all the sh*t here.

What's the plan??? Gamma babies to take up all the jobs you don't want to do overseas (hey moving up in the world at least they got out, hey!)

The 9 Generation plan / strategy.

And still... They keep breeding...




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