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Re: there's nothing here

Posted by alexandra_k on May 31, 2019, at 21:43:00

In reply to Re: there's nothing here alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on May 25, 2019, at 23:23:35

It is corruption, in New Zealand.

Apparently we score really really low on the 'perceived corruption' index. Because people think it is normal / acceptable behaviour. Because people don't query it because they are afraid if they query it they won't be accepted as 'one of them' because being accepted as 'one of them' is what most people aspire to. Becuase people would rather live in a lottery situation than a situation in which hard work is rewarded and so on...

I should have been offered a place in Med from Otago all those years ago. GPA is meant to be the most important thing and my GPA would have been one of the highest of all their applicants. I understand they would have had x and y and z reason as to why my GPA 'didn't count'. But at the end of the day I was not offered the place I should have been offered. They f*ck*ng well offered the place to an Australian who hadn't lived in NZ since she was a kid and who would have been eligable to apply to all the Australian Medical Schools... I did not have 3 heads in interview. I was personable. There was nothing at all to ground their not offering me the place I earned with my GPA.

Last year I should have been offered a place (conditional on my completing eligability requirement prior to classes starting). Instead they decline me a place and inform me my GPA wasn't high enough. My GPA was likely the highest GPA they had seen. They have x and y and z reason as to why my GPA doesn't count...

It is nothing other than corruption.

This year I need to get my MPhil signed off. Only the University will extract the maximum fees they can extract from you. So, you pay for 1 year of fees then they require you to revise and resubmit which requires an additional 6 months of fees to be paid. So that means nobody completes the qualiflication in the minimum time (where a 120 point 1 year qualification only involves your paying 1 year of fees or where a 360 point 3 year qualification only involves your paying 3 years of fees). They always want you to pay for another 6 months.

So then the Medical School people say that since you didn't complete the qualification in the 'minimum time' they won't accept the qualiflication for the purposes of eligability.


Even if I complete the qualification it likely won't count for the purposes of eligability.

None of our graduate research qualifications would count.



Is mummy and daddy supposed to charitably donate 6 months of fees to the University so the University doesn't require you to pay 6 months of fees before allowing you to complete?

Is that the idea of our public university??




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